New and Noteworthy Reefer: August 25, 2021

Pre-rolls now come in so many formats. Unfortunately, the supply of pre-rolled reefers at a price range everyone loves is getting a bit slim. You’ve probably noticed that your favourite dispensaries don’t have too many Redecan Reddees on hand. There are a few Shred J’s (including their latest new arrival, Funk Master J’s). Even the Namasté 3-packs are few and far between! 

Plus, when we take into consideration the cost of whole flower eighths… let’s just say that it makes a lot of sense to roll your own. But if you’re like me, and you like your reefers slim and straight, trust me when I say: rolling machines make all the difference.

I can roll. Don’t get me wrong. But it’s nice to just sit for a bit, roll out my doobies for the week and have them ready to go. Plus, then I can pick what I want to roll up. Including a bit of CBD flower to help round out my session. If you’re really skilled at rolling, why not try your hand at a few more exotic shapes?

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