New and Noteworthy Ganja: August 4th 2021

Wedding Pie: Wedding Cake X Grape Pie

Ganja is the preferred term for cannabis in Jamaica. I figured that since this weekend is probably going to be on the rainier side, I’d try to find a way to add some sunshine to your week.

Palm Gardens is also helping my endeavour: in collaboration with celebrated Calgary chocolatier Bernard Callebaut, a new series of fair trade chocolates have arrived in Alberta: Strawberry White Chocolate, Hazelnut Praline and 46% Milk Chocolate.

We lucked out on our picks this week – the cannabinoids hit beautiful ranges, and the high terpene percentages on these products is obvious: as soon as we opened the Amnesia x Super Haze, Wedding Pie and Krypto Chronic #2, our sense of smell was enchanted!

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