New and Noteworthy Pot Products: July 21st 2021

I don’t usually feature only new flower, but when 3 beautiful Ladies hailing from Alberta craft grower’s arrive in one day – with cultivars like Powdered Donut, 72 Volt and Macslurry – I can’t help but showcasing new pot products to hit our shelves today.

To give you an idea of how excited we are about this week: as Dave was receiving product, 5 boxes in he exclaimed how he already had 3 new products on his reserved shelf.

This is going to be a good week.

Powdered Donut by 314 Pure

Limited edition. Small Batch. 314 Pure wants to bring some sweet products to the market, and their Powdered Donut is certainly quite the temptation! 

Grown by the team that gave us Poolboy’s Bruce, King T, Chem Dawg and Super Lemon Haze (and a huge inspiration for Mimi’s latest Miniature), Powdered Donut is an indica heavy hitter, meant for experienced tokers to relax. Like, a lot.

Dedicated to delivering cannabis strains created for the refined palette and the discerning smoker, 314 Pure Premium introduces Powdered Donut. Powdered Donut is an indica dominant hybrid made by crossing Orange Cookies and Jet Fuel Gelato. With a sweet citrus aroma, this light, minty green coloured, dense flower is a unique and potent blend, with a very high THC percentage. As its namesake suggests, this strain is one tasty smoke, with powdery white crystals, orange pistils, and a sweet and spicy aroma.

Powdered Donut Product Description

72 Volt by RGB

Astounded by seeing messages both late at night and early in the morning from one of my friends, I asked how they had all that energy, and whether they slept or not.

“Who needs sleep when you have Sativa?”

What she probably meant is “Who needs sleep when you have 72 Volt?”

You see, RGB curates the lineages for their line based on effects. (I’ll be releasing an amazing interview with their CEO, Josh Wong, shortly and you all will be able to get all the deets.) Their Red series presents their high energy, day-time pot products. But RGB’s ethos is about growing ganja they want to consume. So these buds are large, they’re frosty, and they ash beautifully white. RGB is at their best when their products are used in a glass piece.

72 Volt is a hard hitting sativa, with mild haze effects. In addition to a THC level upwards of 19%, it includes a high terpene concentration and high levels of CBG, Cannabigerol – also known as the “mother” cannabinoid molecule. To be honest, while she’s best enjoyed in a bong, I set a few minutes aside every week to roll a few of these ladies. They’ve become a key part of my morning routine. It’s like meal prep, but for a pot product.

If you’ve been looking for exercise weed, motivational cannabis or a high energy, gotta-get-stuff-done product, 72 Volt is exactly what you’re looking for. So turn the music on, put your earphones in and dance to your own tune. 

Our Red 72 Volt is a Sativa-dominant strain characterized by it’s twinned neon-green and orange hairs. It’s dense, frosty, and charged with THC and CBG. Funky and spice-forward, mango dominates a layered bouquet of taste and smells that will help lift you into space. Remember, no matter where you are, life’s a dance-floor. Get electric, baby!

RGB Website

Mimi Mentions: I’ve been excited about bringing in 72 Volt since I heard about it. It’s high CBG (Cannabigerol) content is a testament to careful grow and cure practices. CBG is an elusive cannabinoid, the “mother” cannabinoid to THC and CBD, is very hard to maintain without exacting operating procedures in place.

Macslurry by BZAM

If you love that sweet citrus vanilla smell (think Orange creamsicle or Five Alive) – that’s Macslurry.

But that’s just your first impression. Macslurry follows up with diesel-like dankness. Combined, the effects are a mixture of head haziness and a deep sense of comfort. Dense, frosty and beautifully proportioned, this lady is incredibly photogenic. It’d be a shame to see her go up in flames if she weren’t so totally worth it. 

The BZAM team has been known to arrive at dispensaries to buy all the available pot product – you’ll want to grab yours quick!

(I haven’t confirmed yet, but I have to imagine that this baby is a cross between Miracle Alien Cookie and Slurricane. Which explains a LOT.)

Also New this week

Here are a few extra new pot product arrivals that we’re pretty stoked about!

Blue Skitz Distillate Vape Cartridge by RAD

Did you know? Daikoku is on reddit! My favourite thing to do is check out if people have questions about the regulated market, or if they mention products that are hard to find and that they’ve loved.

The Blue Skitz Distillate Vape Cart is one such product. It’s a 1g cart, so make sure you follow best vape practices to be able to enjoy it ‘til the last drop:

  1. Keep your cart upright at all times (yes, even when it’s not in use)
  2. When consuming, limit each inhalation to 3 seconds; heating the coils for too long can give a burnt taste to your distillate
  3. If you have temperature control, keep it as low as possible (you could be surprised with the effects of a vape at 2.5 volts – and I guarantee the flavour will be better at lower temps than if you keep your device at 4 volts)
  4. Keep the cart stored in a dark place at room temperature.
  5. Do your best to keep the rubber mouth cap to prevent crusting of any reclaim in the mouthpiece and prevent lint from getting in it.