New and Noteworthy Cannabinoids: September 29, 2021

Cannabinoids: The Full (Spectrum) Picture

Many of you know that we differentiate Full Spectrum and Distillate vaporizer products on our menu. If you look at cannabis like a fruit:

  • Raw cannabis: It’s like you’re eating grapes; it’s not too sweet and can be tart.
  • Cured cannabis: You’re eating raisins; way more concentrated sweetness, but you still have the other components of the grape, just in lesser quantities.
  • Full Spectrum: Juice from the fruit that’s unrefined and unadulterated so it keeps all the components.
  • Distillate: Juice from the fruit that’s been refined until all you have is sugar. 
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What are terpenes?

The nose knows

“The nose knows” – so goes the saying. While “terpenes” (the compound that gives cannabis its smell) are fairly “new” when people talk about cannabis, enthusiasts have known for a long time that if you find a smell you like, odds are you’re going to enjoy the effects. Obviously, this isn’t foolproof. Enter the science of terpenes.

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