New and Noteworthy Weed: August 11th 2021

A Few Fave Weed Cannabis Products

Freshly Baked #76 by Ogen

We finally found a week where we had enough of these in stock to be able to showcase them! When we get Ogen’s Freshly Baked #76, most of one case goes on our employees’ reserved shelves. 

This week, we’re getting two cases in, so there should be some left!

Such pretty Freshly Baked #76 Nugs

Sensorial, mood uplifting and overall a good time. I really enjoyed it. Could feel my muscles relaxing but it was not a couch lock strain at all. Gave some real energy.

Smell wise it was decent, but not overwhelmingly fragrant. Citrusy Floral? Hard to describe.

Felt real burnout post taste test.

Overall a product I look forward to trying again!

William’s review

Since this review, this weed has become a staple in our house for lazy weekend days – or at least, for days we hope will be lazy. 

Hot out of the OGEN oven, Freshly Baked #76 finds its roots in the cake family. This bud’s aroma is a complex mix of gas, warm creamy sweetness, and finishes with hints of spice. With dense nugs that are covered in trichomes, this cultivar really takes the cake!

Ogen Website

No. 427 Retrograde by Haven St.

Best suited for evenings, No. 427 Retrograde is Haven St.’s take on Kush Cookies. While I know that bag-appeal wise, the nugs are small, the effects are out of this world.

The smell is dank with a touch of sweetness and citrus – and I don’t mean when you bust it up. This weed is aromatic the moment you open the jar.

While the outside is a bit on the “crispy” side, the nugs themselves have good springiness and density, with good frosting coverage. There was no humidity pack in the container.

Retrograde by Haven St. Weighed in at 3.51g

You can expect to be smiling as you head off to bed.

When planets collide. When Garlic Cookies meets OZ Kush. A legend like no other is born. Potent, pungent, sharp. With light green buds coated in glistening trichomes. It’s out of this world. 

Haven St. Website

Dank Rainbow by Boaz

A cross between Death Bubba and Rainbow Punch, Dank Rainbow by Calgary’s Boaz is an earthy, gassy and slightly sweet cultivar. Coloration on the nugs is beautiful: bright green with orange pistils, and frosty trichome coverage throughout. 

The product is best used in a dry flower vape, where the touch of dryness won’t affect flavour. If you’ll be rolling or bowling this pretty lady, make sure you add some humidity back in. Sterile humidity packs work best for this, since fruit peels can add moisture and other contaminants to your weed.

Dank Rainbow is a BOAZ in house genetic, an indica dominant strain of Death Bubba x Rainbow Punch. Dank Rainbow’s buds are covered with frosty crystals, orange hairs with dark green and ultra violet undertones. The smell of Death bubba sour aroma is balanced with the sweetness of the Rainbow punch. Spicy, sour and of course DANK!