New and Noteworthy Cannabis Products: September 8th, 2021

The best part about long weekends is that people who come and visit us on holidays like Labour Day are pretty relaxed and chill. We’re able to take a bit more time to chat, and customers feel more at ease to ask questions. I then get to geek out on my favourite topic: cannabis products. We also got to deep dive into a couple of terpene profiles with some regulars, which helped them get a better experience – and gave me insight as to what products they might like.

It’s super easy to shop by indica and sativa. Further, we curate our menu such that if a product reads as indica, you can expect that it’ll be couch friendly, whereas the sativa products we carry are generally good for daytime use. Want to enjoy your experience across the cannabis spectrum? Keep track of what you consume! Then, we can help match up which terpenes seem to feature the most in your rotation.

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