New and Noteworthy Hash: October 6, 2021

I got my hash pipe. You got your big Gs.

Hash is on the menu!

Last year, we took a look at the various hash products available in the Alberta regulated Cannabis market. Believe it or not, not many of the products that we listed back then are in the market now. So we figured it would be a great time to talk hash and give you an update on some of the products that are available.

But first, what is Hash?

When people call buds frosty, they’re commenting on the coverage of trichomes throughout a cannabis flower.

On this pic, we see purple-tinted trichomes, small hairs with bulbous tips on a cannabis plant
Wedding Cake closeup photo courtesy of Parkland Flower.
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New and Noteworthy Cannabis Products: September 8th, 2021

The best part about long weekends is that people who come and visit us on holidays like Labour Day are pretty relaxed and chill. We’re able to take a bit more time to chat, and customers feel more at ease to ask questions. I then get to geek out on my favourite topic: cannabis products. We also got to deep dive into a couple of terpene profiles with some regulars, which helped them get a better experience – and gave me insight as to what products they might like.

It’s super easy to shop by indica and sativa. Further, we curate our menu such that if a product reads as indica, you can expect that it’ll be couch friendly, whereas the sativa products we carry are generally good for daytime use. Want to enjoy your experience across the cannabis spectrum? Keep track of what you consume! Then, we can help match up which terpenes seem to feature the most in your rotation.

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New and Noteworthy Reefer: August 25, 2021

Pre-rolls now come in so many formats. Unfortunately, the supply of pre-rolled reefers at a price range everyone loves is getting a bit slim. You’ve probably noticed that your favourite dispensaries don’t have too many Redecan Reddees on hand. There are a few Shred J’s (including their latest new arrival, Funk Master J’s). Even the Namasté 3-packs are few and far between! 

Plus, when we take into consideration the cost of whole flower eighths… let’s just say that it makes a lot of sense to roll your own. But if you’re like me, and you like your reefers slim and straight, trust me when I say: rolling machines make all the difference.

I can roll. Don’t get me wrong. But it’s nice to just sit for a bit, roll out my doobies for the week and have them ready to go. Plus, then I can pick what I want to roll up. Including a bit of CBD flower to help round out my session. If you’re really skilled at rolling, why not try your hand at a few more exotic shapes?

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New and Noteworthy Ganja: August 4th 2021

Wedding Pie: Wedding Cake X Grape Pie

Ganja is the preferred term for cannabis in Jamaica. I figured that since this weekend is probably going to be on the rainier side, I’d try to find a way to add some sunshine to your week.

Palm Gardens is also helping my endeavour: in collaboration with celebrated Calgary chocolatier Bernard Callebaut, a new series of fair trade chocolates have arrived in Alberta: Strawberry White Chocolate, Hazelnut Praline and 46% Milk Chocolate.

We lucked out on our picks this week – the cannabinoids hit beautiful ranges, and the high terpene percentages on these products is obvious: as soon as we opened the Amnesia x Super Haze, Wedding Pie and Krypto Chronic #2, our sense of smell was enchanted!

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New and Noteworthy Eighths: July 28th 2021

Cherry Burst by Highland Grow

Cannabis culture is more than just the greens. It’s how the weed tastes, how the buds look and, ultimately, how the eighths make us feel. Regulated cannabis in Canada has come a ways towards providing us with great products at a variety of prices.

This week, we’re taking a look at Cherry Burst from Highland Grow, Pink Kush by Pure Sunfarms and Pine Kush by Back Forty.

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New and Noteworthy Weed: July 14th 2021

We LOVE Weednesdays at Daikoku. And we’ve been looking forward to this week’s delivery  with anticipation. While this post highlights weed from Moodring, we received some great milled flower by Divvy and a sweet ounce bag by Table Top. But first, a couple of our favourite weed products: Tutti Frutti by WeedMe and Gaelic Fire by Highland Grow.

By the by: noticing the store feels bigger? We finally got the lights fixed! It’s (almost) as bright inside as it is outside. It’s also much, much cooler because yup: it’s still hot in Edmonton this week, and the A/C is going full blast. Never been so happy to be slightly chilly. (Which is funny, because in French, “être gelé” is a slang term for being high, and also means being cold.)

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New and Noteworthy Alberta Cannabis: July 7th 2021

Cannabis: Not just for athletes!

A few new arrivals this week! But before we get into that, I just wanted to touch on the fact that cannabis culture can be more than just toking for fun. For some, cannabis provides a few options for relief. In fact, we recently looked at how cannabis has been (scientifically) proven to help people out when exercising! You can take a look at that over on our Instagram.

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New and noteworthy cannabis in Alberta

Cannabis in Alberta, (ok, ok, cannabis in Canada) is ever changing. Lots of new products hit our shelves on the regular, but we don’t often have the time to go into is as much as we’d like. So here are some of Mimi’s top picks for new products coming in-store this Weednesday, June 16th 2021.

BC God Bud by Verse

Verse is hitting the market with a new ounce bag. We’re always stoked to see big bags at a small price. But their BC God Bud caught our eye because of the frostiness we saw on candid online reviews

Here’s what Verse has to say about it:

Meet BC God Bud, hand selected, dried cannabis by Verse Originals. BC God Bud is an indica-dominant strain and has flavour that consists of tropical fruit with undertones of berry, lavender and pine produced by lead terpenes: caryophyllene, bisabolol, and humulene.

Flo by Divvy

Divvy has been making a name for itself with their multipack of 12 Sour Kush Pre-rolls. While we weren’t able to grab any of those this week, we did manage to score some Flo. It’s a high THC cultivar that shows lots of promises when you realize what its lineage is:

Go with the Flo. A cross between Afghani Indica and Purple Thai, this high-THC, sativa-leaning hybrid has some serious bag appeal. And it smells positively bananas, owing its sweet aroma to its unique terpene profile dominated by terpinolene and rounded out by myrcene and beta-caryophyllene. Its large spearhead-shaped buds boast a tight, dense structure flecked with copper calyxes, while its flavour is a blend of sweet citrus with earthy hints of pine.

New Cannabis in Alberta: Gorilla Berry by GreenSeal

Lastly, we’d like you to meet GreenSeal! We always love scouring the internet for the best cannabis in Canada. So when we found out one of their co-founders is their master grower, we couldn’t resist bringing them in. In fact, Chad Morphy got recognized as “Canada’s Top Grower” by Grow Opportunity magazine in 2019

“…the province of Alberta really loves cannabis, especially high quality flower and pre-rolls from local retailers.”

Greenseal News, Alberta Announcement

Their first foray into Alberta includes the Gorilla Berry that we snagged in both the 3.5g and 3-pack pre-rolls.

The best of Cannabis in Canada

After testing hundreds of Gorilla Berry seedlings for terpene levels, bud structure, and potency, GreenSeal’s intensive genetic selection program (aka phenotype hunt) discovered this true unicorn – a rare find combining the sweet, fruity flavours of blueberries and citrus notes. Upon opening a container of Gorilla Berry, the immediate sensation is the unforgettable smell of a freshly baked blueberry pie cooling on the windowsill. When consumed, the rich mix of terpenes (headlined by tart pinene and balanced with peppery caryophyllene and musky myrcene) mingle to impart more subtle earthy and spicy flavours beneath the unmistakably sweet berry overtones.

Daikoku Discovers: Chat with Tyler from GOOD BUDS

I am super psyched, super stoked to be able to talk to Tyler, CEO and co-founder at GOODBUDS. I’ve been fangirling on GOODBUDS since we got our first batch of Mango Taffie. For the first time, I was able to open a cannabis jar on the regulated market… And it was fresh! I was won over then and there. I didn’t know it yet, but it was only just the beginning.

“Small-Batch Cannabis, Hash and Rosin,  Organically Grown on Salt Spring Island, BC”

How GOODBUDS describes themselves on their website

Over time, I learned more about GOODBUDS. I found out they hang dry their weed. They use living soil. They have some of the most interesting cultivars on market. One reason for that is that the team, including Master Grower Mikael Rykes (whose name I mispronounced, and beg for forgiveness) choose the cultivars based on terps… and so much more. When GOODBUDS reached out to ask me questions (you can read their blog post here), I asked if I could ask some to Tyler to learn more about this awesome, award-winning, family-owned Licensed Producer in British Columbia. (And because we know you were wondering: yes, their logo is an eye.)

It takes less than 10 minutes to listen to the whole interview. But each nugget is dense with info, so we split the questions up for you and transcribed it all for ease of understanding.

1. Why did you choose to hang dry your weed?

That’s a great question, actually. It ties right back to a big thing you brought up which is freshness. The hang dry, we find, really is key for getting that fresh out of the jar cure. The kind that you’re used to when you’re crafting really premium bud. We find that hang dry contributes to the flavour, contributes to the burn, it contributes to the smoking flavour, and it even contributes to the shape or the appearance of the bud. So for all those reasons, we’re really passionate about the hang dry.

2. Why are you so careful about the soil you use? 

There’s definitely the old adage “You are what you eat.” and it’s true for cannabis plants too. They definitely show different traits or characteristics – or sometimes I even just call it better personality based on what you feed them or what they’re eating. Maybe not a different personality but a different aspect of their personality.

We see that in multiple cultivations, both outdoors and indoors, in our living soils. Sometimes the biosphere will actually contribute to the uniqueness of the terp profile, or the bud characteristics. So that’s something  we keep evolving and improving to let our soil give back to the buds, and really take them to the next level.

3. How do you pick what you’re going to grow? What’s your process?

Just like you said, we don’t just… we do get tests done in the lab. But we start with our senses. We start with, just like you: with our nose, with our mouth when we get to sample or like you, smoke the product. Additionally, we will do a lot of stem rubs and kind of observations as it’s growing, seeing the different terp profiles, both in flower and then again when it starts to dry and cure, cause those evolve too (at this, I’m nodding vigorously) – yeah, that’s definitely an exciting part of the process. We do it from unique seeds, we’ll just walkthrough huge sample groups and kind of get our noses brown with resin from smelling all the different flowers, you know?

(Now I start laughing and it’s contagious) 

Tyler amongst the plants at GOODBUDS

Yeah, it’s pretty funny, getting all stuck and sticky with a resin patch just from checking so many different plants. But you find that magic one. And sometimes you don’t even expect it! We had one last year that smelled like Mezcal, a nice, like a smokey whiskey smell, a smokey tequila smell. Just some really, really amazing, unique qualities that you’ll get when you get enough different plants express themselves. And then, you know, you just follow your nose.

4. Will there be GOODBUDS seeds? (Besides when we win the lottery and find that ONE seed in our jar!)

*Laughs* You can catch those, and those should definitely pop.

As far as seeds for home cultivators, it’s definitely something we’re working on and trying to stabilize some nice fem stock for outdoor growers. We’re not there yet, but we’re definitely working on the back burner for some action in the future.

5. GOODBUDS already discontinued one of my favourite products, Island Fig. And I’m salty about that, despite having Salty God at hand. So what you tell us about what’s coming?

We’ve got a couple of exciting new flowers that we’ll be releasing to market soon. One of them is the Dosi Melon: and that one is a cross between  Watermelon Zkittlz and Do-Si-Dos. Really, smells like a banana, fruit, melon bowl, you know, in summer, with some orange juice poured on top with some really delicious tropical profile. Nice strong sativa too, like good THC in there, real strong and really strong with the terp profile as well. 

And then, another one we introduced like on a small scale last year, in pre-rolls, called the Gluerangutang (You can hear me exclaim excitedly when he announces this). That one is going to be coming back as a flower.  We’re extremely excited about that strain. That one is a really strong THC, it’s s Harambe back cross that we hand picked out of a huge sample group.  And just crazy terpenes, like really strong terpenes. Strong lemon and just a cleaner smell to it. Yeah, really excited about that strain as well.

6. Ok, so you called [Dosi Melon] as a sativa – so what’s your take on the whole “sativa/indica” [discussion]?

BTW: there’s more laughter than words in this clip


Let me just claim that I am definitely not a scientist. But! My take on it is, like, that I’ve smoked a Haze and it definitely felt different than when I smoked a Kush. And so I would say, I subscribe to that part of it. I would say that, in that context, that’s what I would say to someone when talking about sativa or indica.

7. How much fun is QA (Quality assurance)? 

Oh that’s a mean question! Well the fun thing is… a lot of times, those things you do, growers will tell you this: all the little things that you do make the difference in the final quality of your products.  You know, it’s hard to say that scrubbing pots if fun, or things like that, like sanitation isn’t always fun. But when you put the elbow grease in, and you do the work, and you reap the rewards. That part of it stays with you, and pushes you and it challenges you to deliver better products and to really push what you’re doing. So that part is fun, and you get to reap the reward, and yeah. That part is fun.

8. Why is it important for you to pay your employees a living wage?

Oh! Yeah. So that one has to do with, I guess, just with our business philosophy at GOOD BUDS. We try to be a very open, very community based organization. Even within our own staff, we have a lot of people who live locally, and work locally. And the thing in there is that we’re a family, and a family company.

Pic of brothers Alex and Tyler Rumi, Co-Founders

So trying to include everyone who works here, in part of that family by looking out for them, and making sure that they are able to look after their family too. That’s kind of, our thinking behind it, that approach. Yeah, we want to keep people at a good livelihood, cause that way they can keep GOOD BUDS in a good livelihood. It’s a nice relationship to have with your people.

Smalls is a series of quick conversations with CEOs and leaders within the Cannabis industry.