Artist feature: Rustic Smoke

Borne from Jaime’s company “Rustic Country Designs JS,” couple Jaime and Ryan Sandmaier have created high-quality rolling trays and ashtrays with their company “Rustic Smoke” (which is a part of Rustic Designs JS!). Here’s a quick introduction to two amazing artisans:

Where are you located?

Sturgeon County/ Edmonton area. 

What cannabis accessories do you make?

Premium hardwood trays and ashtrays. We work primarily with walnut and maple.  The difference in colours that are exposed with each of those hardwoods, and the quality of the species themselves, made it an easy choice for us to create our best products. 

What other items do you create in your studio?

Barnwood inspired items, burned and aged. Everything from family name signs, wood wall art, Christmas signs, coffee tables and home décor items!  Anything from custom farmhouse style signs, to rustic kitchen tables and benches with steel legs, as well as faux beams for mantles and ceilings and shiplap to create theme walls.

What’s a funny story about your business?

When Ryan saw how well Rustic Country Designs was doing after only 4 years of business, he decided to hop on this train and create his own batch of products.  After all, no one has EVER said it was a bad idea to work with your spouse so closely… right? Luckily, we’re pretty big fans of each other, and we’ve been on the same page (mostly, let’s be honest) for the better part of 17 years.  

What’s the biggest challenge your business has had to overcome?

Our biggest challenge in growing the Rustic Smoke brand has been showing retailers and consumers the difference quality makes.  To get the true passion that is put into our products, it has to be experienced in person. We are big believers that your ritual should be unique to you, and you deserve the best.  You deserve a high-grade cannabis, and you deserve a high-grade product to enjoy it with.  That’s where we’ve got you covered.  

What’s your mantra?

Keep it simple, but significant.  When you use high-quality products, you get a high-quality experience. 

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