New and Noteworthy Pot: September 22, 2021

What’s in a name?

The two pot products we’re reviewing today have a few things in common:

  • Alberta Grown
  • Micro-cultivator grown
  • Have “Punch” in their name

This of course sent me down a rabbit hole of lineage searches: which Punch cultivar is the oldest? My initial search yielded mostly results on Purple Punch – more specifically the Alpha Cut. When I asked our resident cultivar specialist (who now hosts a blog with 3 other friends, Hash Test Dummies), he confirmed that Purple Punch isn’t the oldest since Critical Orange Punch is likely older. 

Further, not all “Punches” you see on the market will necessarily be crossed from either Purple Punch or Critical Orange Punch. Cannabis names are confusing enough to make us see stars!

(In case you were curious: both the Bacio Punch #8 by Ogen and the Banana Punch by Palm Gardens get their punch from Purple Punch.)

While the information on lineage is always good, you can be sure of one thing: cultivars with a “Punch” in their names don’t hold back: they will knock you out on your couch. Or at least, make you wish you could be sitting in a hammock in the Caribbean.

Fan Fave Pot Products

Bacio Punch #8 by Ogen

I’ll save you a visit from the Duolingo owl and tell you straightaway: Bacio translates to “the act of kissing” from Italian. Maintaining a long-standing tradition of naming cannabis products with tricky to pronounce names (*glares at Jean Guy*), we feel that you should know it’s supposed to be pronounced “Bah-ch-io”, but we’ll understand if you call it Bassio or Backio. We got your back, yo.

Bacio Punch #8 is grown by Ogen, and features light diesel notes with “kisses” of fruity flavour – think more Sangria-esque flavours rather than bright citrus. This lot was packaged on August 9th.  It’s named for its lineage of Gelato #41 – aka Bacio Gelato – and aforementioned Purple Punch.

Alberta’s own Right of the Leaf recently reviewed this Alberta grown pot. He goes through a multi-part review process similar to our own, with a sommelier’s focus on flavour. He starts with a vape taste test at three distinct temperatures, follows up with bong test (this video gives us a triple bong test, including a pretty percolator pull), takes a quick pull off the pipe and finishes off with a rolled J. 

About Bacio Punch #8:

  • Indica dominant
  • Lineage: Gelato #41 x Purple Punch
  • Cannabinoids: THC dominant
  • Min THC: 22%
  • Max THC: 28%
  • Max CBD: 0.1%
  • Terpene Profile: Caryophyllene, Myrcene, Humulene
  • Container: Calyx
  • Humidity Pack: None

Banana Punch by Palm Gardens

When I opened this bag up, I decided to sign Banana Punch from Edmonton’s Palm Gardens up for the heavy weights. It’s always amazing to open a bag of 3.5g (actual total weight: 3.55g) and only find one huge nug, and a couple of smalls to complete the eighth. This lady is frosty, with beautiful trichome coverage and a lovely level of stickiness. 

The lineage is a Banana OG x Purple Punch – the accents of purple are fairly evident throughout the nug. The smell is sweet and tropical – ergo the hammock comment earlier. That being said, Banana cultivars don’t really leave me sleepy – they’re body buzzy and slightly heady, so I’d use this in the afternoons and early evenings rather than saving it for nighttime. This lot was packaged August 25, 2021.  The cannabinoids hit beautifully high THC levels with little to no CBD. The total terpene content for this lot is a whopping 3%, leading out with pinene, limonene and caryophyllene. CBGA sits at 1.5%.

It’s a good “back from work and wanna transition to home time” on an evening where you’re planning to watch TV, read a book, meditate or make miniatures

a pot-ent ambrosial indica dominant strain.
Somatic: relating to the body, especially as distinct from the mind.

About Banana Punch:

  • Indica dominant
  • Cannabinoids: THC dominant
  • Min THC: 21%
  • Max THC: 25%
  • Max CBD: 1%
  • CBGa: 1.5%
  • Total Terpene content: 3%
  • Terpene Profile: Pinene, Limonene, Caryophyllene
  • Container: Zip seal Pouch
  • Humidity Pack: Integra

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