New and Noteworthy from Licensed Producers: August 18th 2021

In addition to highlighting new and noteworthy products this week, I thought I’d give you all some insight as to how we curate our menu – from which licensed producers we choose to carry, to specifically which products we select.

If you’re just here to check out the new and noteworthy products, click here.

I recently asked  my network on Linked In if they had any questions for an indie cannabis retailer in Edmonton, Alberta.

My favourite was from Emily who asked us about our menu curation process.

“What process do you and the team go through when curating your menu?”

Emily, Budtender gone National Sales Manager

I loved the question because we put a LOT of thought into what goes on our menu. And before we choose what goes on our menu, we remove what we don’t want to see on our menu.

What we avoid

  • We avoid Palm oil: when Licensed Producers (LPs) list out MCT as an ingredient, we touch base with them. We prefer to sell coconut oil based MCT. If the LP confirms it’s palm, we enquire as to sourcing (is it sustainable?). We have stopped carrying some oils because the LP told us it was sustainably sourced, but upon investigation we found that their source had been accused of greenwashing.
  • If we were already carrying the product, how did it do? Ultimately, we rely on you, the consumer, to let us know what you like. And if we don’t get requests from customers, then we rely on sales data.


  • New product/cultivar drop? We scour the internet for reviews. Various websites, including reddit, have helped us gauge what and who to bring in.
  • How will the cannabinoids hit? This is the hardest part because customers see THC as an indicator of value. So the price of the product that we’re bringing in has to ‘make sense’ comparatively to the THC predicted. This is where the heartbreak happens, cause I’ll be yelling ‘But CBG!‘ or ‘4% Total terpenes!’ And it doesn’t matter if we can’t sell it.
  • I’m also annoying on Sundays and send emails to the licensed producers to ask what their no name cultivars are. Let’s face it: people like to know what’s in their bowl – and I want to be able to tell people if that ounce of hybrid they just got is a Headband.
  • Lastly, if a cultivar is presented by two licensed producers, we will try the local or micro grower first. (Look for the Wild Rose icon on our menu!)

The Fun Part: Getting the Product In

  • That’s when we run the products we get through testing: burn test (in bong) and flavour test in vape. We share our pictures and our thoughts on the team’s discord. We’ve also started taking unboxing videos and we post them on Vimeo. That’s where we gauge visual appeal and make sure it fits with the price.
  • It’s also where we have to be most careful. I don’t like cultivars that give pressure on the head (Romulan, Stars, Heads) but some of our customers do. So at least we keep track of which cultivars do and don’t and try and carry some anyways.

A Few Fave Cannabis Products

Blue Nova by Sundial

Blue Nova by Sundial: Myrcene, Pinene, Guaoil

Small nugs. Big flavour. Blue Nova by Sundial is their take on long time favourite cultivar Blue Dream. This is a daytime product with a post-sesh feeling that will have you craving a nap. Grown in Alberta by licensed producer Sundial Cannabis (they also have Palmetto and Grasslands brands), it has a berry sweet flavour with hints of floral aromas from tertiary terpenes guaiol and bisabolol.

Blue Nova is a sativa-hybrid in the Sundial LIFT series. This high-potency strain has a delightful berry taste. Like the rest of the LIFT series, Blue Nova is good for social occasions; whether that’s a night in playing board games or a night on the town is up to you.

Sundial Cannabis Website

Blue Nova a great contender for dry flower vaporizers since they let you enjoy all that sweet, berry flavour. And before you ask: yes, we do often wonder why they didn’t call it Sunlight Dream. The yellow container with a “Blue” name is always jarring (pun intended).

Wedding Cake by Wink

Wedding Cake by Licensed Producer Wink: Caryophyllene, Nerolidol and Pinene.

It’s easy to split this cake and spread it out throughout multiple evenings. (Although historically, the nugs came in much bigger, so maybe this bag was an unlucky batch? Share your pics and let us know!) It’s a hard hitting evening cultivar. It reminds me of Portugal. The Man’s “Feel it Still” since its effects seem last longer than your average bud. 

Although historically, the nugs came in much bigger, so maybe this bag was an unlucky batch

A cross between GSC x Cherry Pie, we found the flavour to be surprisingly… Cheesy? Think “Cheesecake” as opposed to cherry pie. This really threw me in for a loop since I expected sweeter flavours given the lineage.

Best used in a bong, the bud is very forgiving for passing back and forth. Definitely an evening toke, though.

Not just for special occasions. WINK WEDDING CAKE is a high THC, Indica-dominant flower. A cross between the popular GSC (formerly known as Girl Scout Cookies) strain and Cherry Pie, you’ll be hit with a tangy, sour, and earthy taste with a mouthful of cake-like creaminess. WEDDING CAKE is indoor grown, hang-dried, and hand-manicured to perfection. Dominant terpenes include Caryophyllene, Nerolidol, and Pinene.

10% of profits from licensed producer WINK go to organizations that support homelessness & social services.

Fun fact: Someone on our team had reserved their bag of Wedding Cake since the last time we were able to bring it in, just to save it for special occasions! 

Slurface by Alberta Bud (sold via Viridis)

New Licensed Producer drop: Slurface by Alberta Bud

It’s big. It’s bold. It’s in your face. Slurface is a new cultivar dropped by Alberta Bud, an Edmonton Licensed Producer (and sold by our buds at Viridis). While the price point may seem steep, this flower is dense, squishy, frosty and weighs in at a whopping 3.8g (including a 1.6g nug). 

Did you know? When we unbox these products, we split it up with the team to give everyone a chance to taste the products. Because the nug came out so big, however, William and I have to wait until next week to let you know how it tastes and smokes. You can be certain I’ll be rolling some slims with my rolling machine (don’t judge – I can roll just fine, but rolling machines keep my cannabis consumption consistent) since the bud feels so sticky.

What’s in a name?

When I asked Alberta Bud on Instagram, they informed me that SlurFace is a cross between Slurricane and Zkittleswood. Zkittleswood is Skittles X Kirkwood OG. In turn, Kirkwood OG is OG Kush x Face Off OG. As a result, we get SlurFace.

SlurFace is a potent sativa coming in at 24.8% THC with a 4% caryophyllene dominant terpene profile that smells and tastes like strawberry candy

Grown indoors in Edmonton, Alberta, this flower was meticulously cultivated, whole plant hang dried, hand-trimmed, non irradiated and carefully packaged in-house by the Alberta Bud cultivation team.

Alberta Bud Instagram

By the way, did you want a sneak peek of this licensed producer’s facility? Check out the video Urban Remo posted when they visited Alberta Bud!

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