New and Noteworthy: June 30, 2021

Now, Orange you glad it’s Weednesday? Sorry, I had to. You see, all the pot picks for what’s noteworthy this week are bright, sunny and orange!

So, with weather like this, is it at all surprising that we’re thinking about Palm Gardens? Maybe you need to make some magic, and need to look up a Wizard? Or if the heat has got you way too beat down, maybe try some space exploration with Romulan.  It’s easy to chill and cool down in Edmonton with cannabis that’s this fire. 

A Few Fave Cannabis Products

Sunrise by Palm Gardens

It’s hard to be more local than Palm Gardens. Their location is literally 8 minutes away from the store! I love that Palm Gardens is always crystal clear with the cultivars they use. For example, “Sunrise” is the product name for their take on Green Cush (aka Green C®ack). So while legacy consumers can see whether they’ll like the greens by the street name, new consumers can depend on Palm Garden’s name to gauge how the product will affect them. Or at least, what time of day is a good time for the spliff you’re about to roll.

A daytime delicacy that gained its reputation as the medical and recreational strain of choice in the state of California, this is a must have for experienced cannabis users. With a tangy lemon bite and spicy pepper aftertaste this robust sativa dominant hybrid can be electrifying, making it the perfect choice for enjoying the day outside in the fresh air or staying busy around the house.

Palm Gardens, Product Description

A Story About Sunrise

Mimi toked a couple of bowls. She felt very normal (rather productive even!), but a little peckish. So she went to prepare a smoothie. Mimi took the soy milk out of the fridge, shook it. Opened it.

She placed in other smoothie ingredients in the mason jar. She grapped the milk, shakes it again, HARD, to make sure it’s well mixed.

Nonplussed, she adds milk to the smoothie. She closes the milk and puts it away. While the smoothie is getting blended, she cleans up the huge milk mess she made when she shook the milk that second time.

So yeah. It has good mental effects, slight munchies and mood elevation. I mean, I wasn’t even mad I made the mess… And the smoothie was delicious.

Sensi Wizard by Highland Grows

Highland grows has been growing some pretty nice pot out in Nova Scotia, if you ask us. Their lineup includes all unique cultivars, such as White Lightning, Cherry Burst, Gaelic Fire and Sensi Wizard (which are available in Alberta and that dispensaries can order from the Alberta Gaming and Liquor Commission) and a few cultivars (which are not available in Alberta).

Now, while Sensi Wizard is a descendant of sleepy-time inducing Sensi Star, this take on the cultivar is more for daytime use. Pair it with a yoga session, a walk in the park or a whole bunch of chores that need doing. And snacks. Lots and lots of snacks.

Sensi Wizard provides a fast acting, energizing experience that delivers the perfect balance of joy, energy, and happiness. This high-THC sativa gives sharp energy and focus that induce an invigorating mental buzz, making it a great daytime strain to help fight fatigue, stress, and malaise. Enjoy the familiar zesty, citrus, and diesel aroma.

Highland Grow Website, Product Description

What’s new

Romulan by Palmetto

Finally, some visitors from way out there! While the Romulans might not be good guys in a space odyssey, this pot cultivar is a good’un. Peppery, piney and spicy, Romulan is known for creating pressure around the crown of the head, in a slight v-shape. (Google up “romulan” and take a look at that “V” shape: that’s where you might expect the additional pressure). For some, it helps bring attention to the mind and channel their third eye. For others, it can give weed headaches. Yes, those are a thing. If you get headaches from cannabis, make sure you track the products you consume. Anecdotally, I find that cultivars with “Star” or “Head” in the name tend to give me unpleasant pressure, thus I shy away from them.

 What if we told you that inside your mind is an entire galaxy waiting to be explored? That each fleeting thought was actually a brilliant shining star? And orbiting each one of those microscopic stars were tiny little planets? And there, orbiting every star, on every planet, sitting deep within a couch, is you.

Palmetto Website, product description

Mimi mentions: There aren’t many licensed producer websites that I’ll tell you to go visit. Natural History and Queen of Bud are great to check out because they post their COA (certificates of analysis, ie the lab reports from the cannabis testing) from their lots for their products. On the other hand, Palmetto has made their website rather fun. It’s worth a gander!

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