New and Noteworthy Weed: July 14th 2021

We LOVE Weednesdays at Daikoku. And we’ve been looking forward to this week’s delivery  with anticipation. While this post highlights weed from Moodring, we received some great milled flower by Divvy and a sweet ounce bag by Table Top. But first, a couple of our favourite weed products: Tutti Frutti by WeedMe and Gaelic Fire by Highland Grow.

By the by: noticing the store feels bigger? We finally got the lights fixed! It’s (almost) as bright inside as it is outside. It’s also much, much cooler because yup: it’s still hot in Edmonton this week, and the A/C is going full blast. Never been so happy to be slightly chilly. (Which is funny, because in French, “être gelé” is a slang term for being high, and also means being cold.)

A Few Fave Cannabis Products

Tutti Frutti by WeedMe

Fruity. Light. Mellow. Uplifting. Tutti Frutti by Weed Me is a dense cultivar, with bright fruity notes on inhale when hitting a bong. The flavours are surprisingly more muted in a vape.

I felt it was more of a bong or pipe smoke than a roll, however. Tutti Frutti is dense enough  to be a good roll candidate, but I feel you lose a lot of the flavour you’d normally get on first inhale when smoking. Test it for yourself and let us know!

Tutti Frutti is a cross between Blue Haze, Green Haze, Thai, Sour Diesel and Diesel Ryder. This flower is covered in oversized resinous green nugs that are coated with vibrant red, purple and golden hairs. Expect a punch of citrus and sweet flavours and smells like a bowl of fruit loops!

Tutti Frutti Website

Gaelic Fire by Highland Grow

It’s hard to go wrong when picking up some Highland Grow. Their pouches lock in humidity well enough that these greens are packed without a humidity pack. Take some time to look at Gaelic Fire’s bright orange pistils when you open your bag. 

Then revel in the sensation of time slowly moving, followed by a relaxed sensation. Not quite as hard hitting as White Lightening, Gaelic Fire is best suited for experienced weed tokers who are looking for a mellow evening in front of their favourite comedy show. Or horror movie, if that’s your jam. Weed doesn’t judge.

Gaelic Fire is a high-THC indica dominant strain that exhibits flavours of gassy, citrus and sour with buds that range from forest green to pale purple.

Highlands Grow Website

Bonus: It’s on sale this week! It’s a great time to try out this premium product at a discounted price. 

Honest Stoner Story

Toking on Gaelic Fire while playing board games. 10 minutes into the game, my FitBit Freaks out: I'm in the fat burning zone!

Florida Citrus Kush by Mood Ring

CAN IT! There’s nothing fishy about this canned Florida Citrus Kush: it’s a hard hitting fruity cultivar, with bright lemony and floral notes. 

Now, there were a few reasons why it was on our “Must Get” list. It’s the first product I’ve actually been able to get my hands on that uses a legit can to keep the freshness and terpenes locked in (and it’s completely recyclable). The product promises a lovely aroma looking at the terpenes listed right on the can. Lastly, Moodring as a brand comes highly recommended by a Cannabis OG that I very much respect: Lisa Campbell. She confirmed that the cultivar was carefully selected and meticulously grown by Cannabis Sommelier José Dominguez

The nugs look spectacular. The first unboxing video I saw of it showed me one nug and some smaller pieces to make up the 3.5g – and that’s it. Admittedly, the one we unboxed had a few more nugs, but the coloration and density look just right, and I can’t wait to light it up. 

Mood Ring Florida Citrus Kush is a strong, Indica dominant hybrid. Its dense trichomes covered buds provide a rich creamy taste of spicy citrus topped by a true, but subtle Kush aftertaste. The effect comes on quickly due to the hybrid heritage and after floating on the experience, the Indica influence brings a long-standing euphoric and mellow experience. Grown in small batches, by legacy growers using tried and tested methods to produce only the highest quality flower.

Moodring Websitte

Mimi Mentions: Every time you pick up a can of Moodring, they contribute to the planting of a tree thanks to their partnership with One Tree Planted.

Also New This Week

If you prefer big bags, you should take a gander at Sticky Buns by Table Top. It’s a frosty product (with smallish nugs) that packs a punch. 

If you’re a cart fan, Florescence has released a new full spectrum cart called Peyote Critical. And while I’m not much of a 510 vape girl, I must admit to being tempted to grab one of these for myself. For testing purposes only, of course.

Lastly, for the fans of milled product, Divvy’s Cropped Harvest (in both Sativa and Indica) have hit the shelves. With a THC upwards of 20%, they’re a nice little 10g to have handy right before you go camping. 

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