New and Noteworthy Hash: October 6, 2021

Hash is on the menu!

Last year, we took a look at the various hash products available in the Alberta regulated Cannabis market. Believe it or not, not many of the products that we listed back then are in the market now. So we figured it would be a great time to talk hash and give you an update on some of the products that are available.

But first, what is Hash?

When people call buds frosty, they’re commenting on the coverage of trichomes throughout a cannabis flower.

On this pic, we see purple-tinted trichomes, small hairs with bulbous tips on a cannabis plant
Wedding Cake closeup photo courtesy of Parkland Flower.

These little outgrowths with bulbous heads from the cannabis plant contain the highest amount of THC. Licensed producers will either use a dry sift method or a water extraction method to separate the trichomes. You’ll find dry hash powder (also called Kief) as well as blocks of hash, but new formats have arrived on the market.

Ice Hash Blended Roll (1g) by Pure 314

314 Pure Blended Hash Roll combines the purity of solventless hash with prime cannabis flower to create a premium roll for the individual who only expects the best. Each hand-made pre-roll is meticulously crafted to create an exemplary product for the refined palette.

(314.5 is the molecular weight of THC)
  • Looks like: a joint 
  • Terpene profile: Myrcene, Caryophyllene, Linalool
  • Lineage/Cultivar: Blend
  • THC range:  420 − 500 mg/g
  • CBD range: 1 − 50 mg/g
  • Produced: Edmonton, Alberta

BC Organic Sour CKS Pressed Hashish by Simply Bare

Our sativa-dominant BC Organic Sour CKS, single-strain hash is hand pressed through a unique process perfected over years of experimentation. We start by tumbling our living-soil and sun-grown flower as soon as it’s cured, and we complete the process by hand cutting into an earthy brown hash. This FVOPA Organic certified hash gives off an incredible aroma that is both sour and sweet.

What is organic cannabis?
  • Looks like: a soft brownie or molasses cookie 
  • Terpene profile: Ocimene, Farnesene, Limonene
  • Lineage/Cultivar: BC Organic Sour Cks
  • THC range:  370 − 450 mg/g
  • CBD range: 0 − 10 mg/g
  • Produced: Delta, British Columbia

OS. Hash Indica by Original Stash

Much less confusing than Os.Hash10, Os.Hash20 and whatever else they used...

Authentic and uncomplicated, OS.HASH Indica is a rich brown, resinous hash with a firm but pliable feel. Produced from a single indica strain and clocking in at a very mild THC potency potential, OS.HASH Indica is made using dry ice sift trichome extraction and packaged in a 2g format in a resealable, odour-proof and child-resistant pouch. Not real fancy, just real. A good reason to go legal.

This line of products replaced their OS.Hash10 that they used to have.

Additional product types under this line are a brown Hybrid hash, and a blonde Sativa Hash.

  • Looks like: a soft brownie or molasses cookie 
  • Terpene profile: Caryophyllene, Humulene, Linalool
  • Lineage/Cultivar: Single Cultivar; Undisclosed
  • THC range:  300 − 390 mg/g
  • CBD range: 0 − 10 mg/g
  • Produced: Gatineau, Quebec

Legacy Hash by Mood Ring

You do not need the wind to blow just right to get high with Mood Ring's Legacy Hashish.

Mood Ring Legacy Hashish is a solventless concentrate that is hand-crafted to provide an old-world style hashish. The trichomes are extracted from carefully curated cannabis and pressed, creating a firm, sticky block of hashish that reveals the plant’s aromatic profile.

We recommend dividing this hash into a lot of small pieces: this product is not for the new consumer.
  • Looks like: a soft brownie or molasses cookie 
  • Terpene profile: Caryophyllene, Myrcene, Humulene
  • Lineage/Cultivar: B. Banner
  • THC range:  450 − 600 mg/g
  • CBD range: 1 − 10 mg/g
  • Produced: Quebec

Hash Stick by Hazel

Hash Stick: You don't need to smoke the whole stick.
Done with your toke? Don’t stamp it out. Wait for it to extinguish by itself, or gently blow on it.

Hash Sticks are formed by hand rolling mechanically separated, absent solvent, dry sift and kief. The dry sift/kief is hand rolled into a hollow tube, like a pre-roll without rolling papers. Hash Sticks are a pre-rolled concentrate. When consuming, do not inhale to light the Hash Stick. Apply heat (away from face) until it is ignited, then inhale.

This product is best when shared. You do not need to smoke the whole hash stick in one sesh. Start low, go slow.
  • Looks like: very thin rolled paper 
  • Terpene profile: Caryophyllene, Humulene, Bisabolol
  • Lineage/Cultivar: Death Bubba
  • THC range:  330 − 430 mg/g
  • CBD range: 1 − 10 mg/g
  • Produced: British Columbia

Organic Hash by 1964

3.5g of Hash = 14g Dried Flower

Sun-grown in living soil, this organic flower blend goes through a dry-sift process and is pressed into amber-coloured hashish with an intersting combination of earthy and gassy aromas. The spirit of 1964 is supplied by a community of brilliant pioneers. Our pressed hashish is a combination of their experience, hard work and time-honoured techniques

This chonker clocks in at 3.5g: it’s the equivalent of 14g of dried flower.
  • Looks like: a BIG soft brownie
  • Lineage/Cultivar: Blend
  • THC range:  240 − 280 mg/g
  • CBD range: 1 − 10 mg/g
  • Produced: Delta, British Columbia

New Cannabis Flower

Blueberry Kush by Jonny Chronic

Blueberry Kush by Jonny Chronic

I love me some Jonny Chronic. From Cherry Bomb to French Macaron, I’ve loved discovering more about them. They recently collaborated with Floresence, who created a slew of 510-carts using cultivars by Jonny Chronic, like Peyote Critical and Tropical Truffle. Jonny Chronic also has a beautiful full spec CBD vape cart, CD1, which lists out minor cannabinoids in addition to THC and CBD.

Blueberry Kush by Jonny Chronic is a high-THC, indica-dominant strain with large, dense, light-green flowers covered in orange pistils. This strain’s lineage consists of Purple Kush and Blueberry cultivars, which is evident from the predominant blueberry and grape aroma that fills the room when you open the jar bag. Blueberry Kush’s terpene profile features a very high myrcene content, making it an ideal night-time strain for some users. Blueberry Kush is hand trimmed, cured and packaged fresh for you to enjoy.

Blueberry Kush by Jonny Chronic only had two, big nugs in their bags! woah!
I was surprised by the trim and how short it was! Nugs are very dense. Make sure to add humidity back in before rolling it or packing your bowl.

About Blueberry Kush:

  • Indica dominant
  • Cannabinoids: THC dominant
  • Min THC: 20%
  • Max THC: 26%
  • Max CBD: 0.2%
  • Total Terpene content: 2.93%
  • Terpene Profile: Limonene, Farnesene, Ocimene
  • Container: Mylar zip-sealed bag
  • Humidity Pack: None

Back in Stock Flower

Strawberry Ice by Northern Harvest

Strawberry Ice by Northern Harvest
Best consumed in a dry flower vaporizer

October 17, 2018: I bought my first legal product on the non-medical cannabis market. Strawberry Ice was part of the initial haul. At the time, William noted that it was enjoyable. Muscles feel comfortable but not tired. Feel talkative, touchy feely. Almost motivated.

Your experience may vary, and we make no promises as to motivational status post consumption.

Strawberry Ice is a fun and fruity sativa-dominant strain. High in THC with very little CBD content, it’s bouncy and bright – perfect for making the most of a sunny summer day.

I would’ve liked to see less leaf on the trim, but the aroma is beautiful and there is some squishiness to the bud. I’d still vape this rather than roll with it.

About Blueberry Kush:

  • Indica dominant
  • Cannabinoids: THC dominant
  • Min THC: 20%
  • Max THC: 26%
  • Max CBD: 0.2%
  • Total Terpene content:
  • Terpene Profile: Terpinolene, Caryophyllene, Nerolidol
  • Container: Plastic container (no cardboard box)
  • Humidity Pack: None

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