New and Noteworthy Edibles: October 20 2021

Remember the post I wrote about Distillate and Full spectrum products last week? I just wanted to let you know that it’s not just for vape carts. In fact, distillate is the most common method for dosing cannabis edibles. It makes sense: distillate allows Licensed Producers (LPs)  to evenly and consistently dose their products. It’s also relatively flavourless, which makes it easy to pair with milder flavours that we find in gummies soft chews and beverages.

But because we love our full spectrum effects, we do try and find cannabis edibles that use more than just THC in them. 

Enter Wabi Sabi.

“In traditional Japanese aesthetics, wabi-sabi () is a world view centered on the acceptance of transience and imperfection.”


Kyoto: The Golden Temple and the Silver Temple

If you ever visit Kyoto, two temples that are high on the list of “must see sites” (sights?) are the Golden Temple and the Silver Temple. Most people recommend doing them in that order.

Mimi took this picture, which is why it’s crooked

The Gold Temple is opulence itself. Everything that glitters is gold. I cannot stress how impressive this was in real life. 

The next stop (after drooling at all the food vendors that are on the path to it) was the Silver Temple. I expected that I would find a Silver lined temple because… well, that its name.

Imagine my surprise when I saw this:

William took this picture, which is why it’s straight!

In fact, the Silver Temple is considered the home of Wabi Sabi. It was never covered in a metallic sheen. Instead, it now represents the aesthetic of perfection through imperfection. Another way to look at it is beauty found in the uniqueness of handmade articles. That which cannot be easily exactly duplicated.

So what does this have to do with Weed?

Well, given how weed is a plant that changes with every lot (every plant?) Wabi Sabi is the perfect idea to encapsulate cannabis: while each experience is perfect, each experience is unique and changes with time.

Also, Wabi Sabi is a Calgary-based chocolate maker that produces full spectrum truffles! The two flavours we have in store as of today are White Chocolate Creamy Caramel and Milk Chocolate Cookies and Cream. 

Calgary Made Edibles by Wabi Sabi

They’re premium, sustainably sourced Belgian chocolates with a focus on excellent flavour and ensuring your store-bought edibles can come as close as possible to a homemade experience.

How Mimi tests Chocolate

When we get chocolate in, I test three things:
1) Chocolate meltiness: does the chocolate easily melt when it’s on my tongue?
2) How strong is the weed flavour?
3) How do the flavoured chocolates fare when compared to the plain milk/dark chocolate?

Bernard’s Cannabis Creations

Here are my thoughts on Bernard Callebaut’s Bernard’s Cannabis Creations (all of which are fair trade). Note that Bernards Cannabis Creations are made from distillate.

Alberta-made Edibles!

Milk Chocolate Bar

Good enough that you can let it melt in your mouth. Smooth chocolate. No cannabis taste whatsoever. This is what I would use to make hot cocoa and s’mores.
Also of note: this is listed as a Milk chocolate with 45% cocoa contents. And that’s because there is *no soy lecithin.* The emulsification is done through cocoa butter – which is why the flavour is so rich and the melting point is just perfect. It’s also why the experience is awesome with these edibles: Cocoa butter is a medium-chain triglycerides (MCT), which means that it binds to your cannabis receptors faster than long-chain triglycerides (like butter or regular coconut oil).

Hazelnut Praline

This one tastes like Ferrero rocher, but without the hazelnut pieces. I expected a more Nutella flavour, but it’s less sweet and more complex. Similar to a mocha flavour. Also no cannabis flavour. This is what I’d pick up if I’m in a ‘I wanna eat chocolate’ mood (but I’m a sucker for hazelnuts, so…)

Milk Rice Crisp Bar

I expected this edible one to be closer to a well-known chocolate brand, but the flavour on these chocolates is sweeter than I expected, while the rice crisps are fairly dense. The presence of the crispy rice prevents a full melt (obviously), so this confection is created for the Crunch-ers of the world.

White (Chocolate) Strawberry Bar

Wholly strawberry batman! It smelled like a field of strawberries on a warm summer day the moment I opened it. The ingredients list out strawberries (not strawberry flavour) and one bite and I feel like they’re fresh berries popping in my mouth.
I saved this one for last figuring it’d be the sweetest one. It is, but it’s a lot less fake strawberry/gross white chocolate than I expected.
I wouldn’t let this one melt as the strawberries prevent a full melt. Best when chewed. And omg, this in a croissant with banana and cream cheese would be *chef’s kiss.*

Wabi Sabi Brands

These full spectrum chocolate confections are best deemed “truffles.” I love the fact that each chocolate is individually stamped with a “Contains THC” icon as well as the dosage for each edible. (For the curious: the cultivar used for these chocolates was White Rhino.)

Milk Chocolate Cookies and Cream

It’s a truffle, so that makes it trickier to allow to melt. Especially when you include the cookies and cream texture. The creamy centre isn’t overly sweet. Overall, I was stunned that there was no cannabis flavour. Milk chocolate isn’t my choice to cover the strong flavour of cannabis (I tend to bake with dark), and cookies and cream doesn’t really have much to help mask cannabis flavour, so I was very pleased.

White Chocolate Creamy Caramel

This one caught me off guard (what’s up with Alberta chocolatiers wowing me with your white chocolate of all things?). Similarly to the milk chocolate, the white chocolate truffle size makes it hard to melt without first biting into it.

When I first chomped down, however, I felt that the caramel was harder than I expected – after all, it said creamy on the label and, as per the picture above, it was sitting outside in the sun. After a moment, the caramel begins a slow melt that reminded me of the flavour of a dulce de leche. The light salted caramel topping on the top of the truffle tied everything nicely together. If I was only going to try one of these, this is the one I would pick up.

New flower

Krussian (Black Russian) by Nith and Grand 

This bud is a beaut. You can expect an earthy aroma featuring hops and black pepper with notes of pine and cedar. Typically, the effects of a Krussian product last for a while (think Feel it Still by Portugal. The Man). It’s a wonderful hard hitter for people seeking high potency THC and deep flavours. Be forewarned: your couch will feel especially comfortable.

I was charmed by its pleasant aroma, beautiful orange pistils and big nugs (I like big nugs and I cannot lie).

Fan Faves

Ghost Train Haze by Hexo

After being acquired by HEXO, Up got all their products… well, upped! They’ve been coming to market with flower that consistently hits 20% and more, and feature classic strains like Ghost Train Haze (The product formerly known as Meridian). 

Due to the haze in the name, you can probably guess that there’s some mind fogginess that tends to be associated with its consumption. However, it is most definitely a daytime product, with reported bursts of energy coupled with an ability to focus on tasks. A classic example of a Wake And Bake product (and I don’t mean banana bread).

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