New and Noteworthy Cannabis Sins : November 3, 2021

What are your cannabis sins?

Cannabis and I have a very good relationship. That doesn’t mean I always treat it right, though.  Here are some of my cannabis sins – what are yours?

Cannabis Sin Number one: Smoking whole nugs in a bong

This is probably my most egregious sin with the devil’s lettuce. Because I toke outside (silicone bongs are life savers!), we leave the nugs whole when I consume from my precious Sponge Bubbles. Yes, I named my bongs.

There are a lot of reasons why it’s better to use ground cannabis:

  • Better Airflow
  • Bowl stays lit
  • Smoother burns 

However, smoking the nug whole does help me determine nug density, which is an unexpected bonus, and prevents me from losing flower to the wind. Bad enough that when I smoke, I lose some of the THC to the wind…

Cannabis sin number 2: I use a rolling machine

Don’t get me wrong: I can roll a half decent joint by hand. But being a business owner means that my days don’t always lend themselves to ritualistic doobie rolling. 

Enter the rolling machine

I call it my “Sundaze Prep” and I sit down with my rolling machine, my tray and my go-to wake and bake cultivar and prep 7 to 10 j’s. It just makes my week that much easier.

This is actually one of those sins that I regret committing every single time. A pull from my 510 vape carts is always be smoother when I keep it to 3 seconds or less. I also know that I’ll be ensuring a more consistent experience throughout my cart if I keep the voltage as low as possible when I toke.

Which of course, is easier said than done. 

The sin I avoid: Crossfading

Crossfading: Mixing Cannabis with Alcohol isn’t a good idea – and I’m not just saying that cause Health Canada told me to. 

The fact is, even experienced cannabis consumers and drinkers can end up having a really, really bad time when mixing the two. You already know that cannabis isn’t water soluble. It’s why you get a better high when eating fatty foods (or on an empty stomach) while consuming. Cannabis is also alcohol soluble, so the effects are enhanced. The good, the bad and the ugly.

It’s a little bit like drinking alcohol and Red Bulls: because you don’t necessarily feel the signs of drunkenness, it’s a lot easier to drink or toke more than you should and end up with forgetting most of the evening. (How did the pineapple get there anyways?)

Worse still, it can cause a drop in blood pressure which can cause faintness and dizziness. 

So I get creative with my mocktails, or I pick up infused drinks when I party. 

Also, I’m way too old to get hungover, so thank goodness for cannabis.

Noteworthy Cannabis

Purple Aya by Seleste

Yes, I know: The purple Aya didn’t break 20%. 

At 18%, however, this is a sativa for the more experienced consumer. And dare I say? A more conscious one.  This is the product for those who want to consume with intention.

This is the product I save time for. When I’ve had “A DAY” and I just need to empty my mind and cleanse my soul, I break out the Aya. One might even say that rushing this particular product would be a cannabis sin.

Like it’s namesake Ayahuasca, Purple Aya is meant to be a “cleansing” type of cannabis. Perfect for the consumer who likes to create a separation between their “work day” and their “time at home.” While the buds can seem small, take the time to grind them up and take a nice, deep inhale to open your mind. Sweet and citrusy notes should hit you, with a touch of earthiness towards the end. It rolls beautifully (as expected, since 1Spliff’s Purple Aya comes from the same company and y’all lost your minds over it last week when we sold out by Friday). Word to the wise: you don’t get the purple throughout the nug, only in certain parts. So don’t be surprised if your own baggie comes with greener-hued greens. 

Purple Aya: THC Dominant Sativa with Camphene and Pinene. Seleste commits to never irradiating.

This famous purple strain is best known for its loud purple leaves, glimmering trichomes and dense buds. Master Kush and the now-believed-extinct Red River Delta were crossed to create Purple Aya. These ultra-rare crosses explain its stunning appearance. In addition, it has a loud blend of papaya, sour and earthy aromas, and is craft grown indoors under full spectrum lighting. Purple Aya is hang dried, hand manicured and cured for 21 days to ensure consistency in quality.


About Purple Aya:

  • Sativa Dominant
  • Cannabinoids: THC dominant
  • Min THC: 18%
  • Max THC: 26%
  • Max CBD: 0.1%
  • Terpene Profile: Camphene, Pinene
  • Container: Mylar zip sealed bag
  • Humidity Pack: None

New Cannabis

Blue Lime PI by Sitka Micro Collection (Grown by Whippletree Organics)

I feel that the first thing to mention about Blue Lime PI is the fact that it’s grown in living soil, using organic practices. Already, that gets my attention. Weed is incredibly dependent on the soil that it’s grown in, and living soil just has that much richness and depth. It’s also not the easiest practice to maintain, so keeping it up is a huge testament to how Whippletree Organics (the growers behind Blue Lime PI) care about their ladies.

The nugs are well trimmed, and there’s nice frostiness coverage. Our container had one rather large nug (it’s a good thing it’s a little crooked otherwise it wouldn’t have fit in the display jar!) and a bit extra to make up the eighth. I’m particularly excited about trying this lady out later this evening: like most dessert-based cultivars, Blue Lime PI is great for end of evening relaxation.

Plus, after talking to the Dopest Mama Ever, I found out that one of my favourite growers is the lead grower at Whippletree Organics. To say I can’t wait would be an understatement!

About Blue Lime PI:

  • Indica dominant
  • Cannabinoids: THC dominant
  • Min THC: 22%
  • Max THC: 28%
  • Max CBD: 0.1%
  • Terpene Profile: Linalool, Pinene, Caryophyllene, Limonene (Listed on package)
  • Container: Mylar Zip Seal Bag
  • Humidity Pack: None

PS: The most unforgivable cannabis sin is “Passing judgement instead of dutchies.” Keep it fun, y’all.

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