Keep it in Canada: Do’s and Don’ts of Travelling with Cannabis

Can I bring my own cannabis into Canada?

While medical and recreational cannabis is legal in Canada, it is illegal to cross the border in possession of cannabis. This is a blanket prohibition: it applies regardless of where you’re from or how much you have in your possession. And yes, this includes medical cannabis even with proof of prescription.

Can I leave Canada with some cannabis as a souvenir?

It is illegal to cross the border in possession of cannabis. Yes, this applies when you’re leaving the country as well, even if marijuana is legal at your destination. You might even be denied entry into countries that prohibit consumption of cannabis.

Some countries, such as Japan and South Korea, have issued statements whereby nationals visiting Canada who consume cannabis could face the same consequences as if they had consumed it at home.

Can I bring cannabis with me when travelling within Canada?

You can travel with legally purchased cannabis within Canada.

That being said, you need to follow local laws with regards to possession and consumption. For example, in Alberta, you must be 18 to purchase cannabis. Most other provinces and territories have set the minimum age to 19. Meanwhile, Québec is gearing up to make the legal age for cannabis purchase and consumption 21.


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