An Introduction to Growing Your Cannabis. No Elbow Grease Necessary.

New seeds have hit our shelves making this summer the perfect time to test out your green thumb. Growing cannabis shouldn’t only be for the experts. That’s why we’re breaking down the simplest methods for growing. Using these beginner steps for growing your cannabis, you’ll have your own buds in no time*.

* Actually takes a few weeks.

Gathering Your Equipment

When it comes to equipment, growing cannabis can get expensive, but it doesn’t have to be. We’ve made a list of equipment including only the basics. To find all your growing supplies, we recommend visiting our friends at Hydro-Lite.

Light – Having the right lighting is important, especially when it comes to flowering buds. Look for lights that offer full-spectrum, low-energy capabilities.

Pro Tip: If your seeds aren’t ‘auto flower’ seeds, you’ll need to make sure they get the right amount of lighting! If you don’t, you’ll end up with a bushy plant, but it won’t give you the effects you’re likely seeking.  

Soil – When it comes to soil you’ll find an endless list claiming which option is best. Since we’re showing you the simplest option, any store-bought potting soil will do.

Nutrients – These days you can find fertilizer designed for cannabis plants. If you can’t locate cannabis food, any plant nutrients will do. Look for fertilizer that has high nitrogen, low phosphorus, and moderate potassium.

Pro Tip: Stop fertilizing (or at least reduce frequency) once you start seeing flowers. 

Small Pot – Once you germinate your seeds you’ll need a small, about 2-inch, pot to get them started. You can begin with a large pot, but it is easier to maintain water and nutrients in a smaller container.

Large Pot – Cannabis plants are adaptable and will grow into the size of the pot that you provide. For example, if you want a 12” plant look for a 2-3 gallon container, but if you want a 24” plant look for a 3-5 gallon container. Make sure your pot has proper drainage.

Water – Don’t worry about measuring the PH in your water or starting off on a journey to find the fountain of youth. The same water you use on your other plants will work for your cannabis plants too.

Pro Tip: A little stress can be good! Once your lady starts flowering, reduce watering until the stem tilts a bit. The process of stressing your plant forces it to produce more cannabinoids. 

Mason Jars – Wide-mouth mason jars are an age-old method for curing dried cannabis flowers.

Basic Growing in 7-Steps

  • 1. Germinating – You’ll need two plates and some wet paper towels. Create a dark dome with your plates and place the seeds inside, between your paper towels. The length of germination time depends on your seeds, you’ll know they’re ready when the seed splits.
  • 2. Transferring – Once you can see the taproot of your seeds you can plant them in your small pot. Make sure your soil is fresh and offers good drainage. Once your plant is large enough, you can transplant it to your large pot. 
  • 3. Watering & Feeding – While growing your plant will be in the vegetative state. During this stage it is important to keep your soil moist and your nutrients balanced. This usually means watering your plants daily and feeding them on a weekly basis.
  • 4. Flowering – Your cannabis plants will enter this stage when they receive 12 hours of light and dark each day. You can encourage your plants to flower earlier in the year by moving them into a dark space for 12 hours each day.
  • 5. Harvesting – Your buds are ready for harvest when about 60% of the trichomes turn amber. You can also trim your buds in this stage. Two weeks before harvesting, you should stop feeding your plants. Flushing ensures your buds’ flavour will be free from any residual nutrients.
  • 6. Drying – The most well-known way to dry buds is by hanging them. Make sure the space you hang them in is well ventilated with low-light. When the branches snap, your buds are dry.
  • 7. Curing – Curing helps to further develop the terpene profile and potency of your cannabis. Remove your buds from their branches and place them in mason jars leaving room for them to breathe. Curing can take anywhere from 4-6 weeks. During this time you should be opening your mason jars, known as burping, to let the air out and help prevent mould

Cannabis plants give off a lot of moisture. Make sure you keep your plants in a well-ventilated area. Growing is an ever-changing process and we can’t guarantee that things will be flawless. Even so, we hope this information will help you along the way.

Stop by our store if you have any questions or are looking to get started with growing.

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