Daikoku stands out from other cannabis retailers in a very obvious way: the store name makes no reference, implied or oblique, to cannabis.

Instead, it’s a foreign word. Oftentimes, when people get it right, there’s laughter and even a mini celebration (it’s pronounced: da•i•ko•ku – we’ll teach you when you come to the store).

So what does it mean?

Daikokuten is a Japanese hearth god. Specifically, he’s one of the seven lucky gods and is associated with wheat. Both owners moved from Québec to the Prairies, so the name was a means to pay homage to their new province.

What does Daikokuten look like?

Daikoku is easily recognizable because of his wide face, his huge grin and his flat hat. He’s also often portrayed carrying a wish-granting mallet.

So why a Japanese god?

An archaeological dig in the Oki Islands near Japan found cannabis achenes (the fruit created by the plant) from about 8000 BCE. It’s the oldest cannabis found to date. The name is thus also a tribute to how far this humble herb has travelled.

What are your favourite foreign gods or temples? What are their origin stories? Let us know by commenting below or by stopping by the store.

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