Daikoku Discovers Dab Rigs

The time-tested, hands-on method for consuming your premium concentrates

Live Resin Caviar, Cured Badder, and Hash Rosin are finally on the menu! As enticing as these formats may sound, you might ask yourself: “How do I consume concentrates?” 

Cannabis concentrates have a higher boiling point. As a result, concentrates do not burn with a lighter the same way as dried flower. The solution? Use special accessories, like Dab Rigs, for optimal experiences. 

The Dab Rig

The more traditional method of consumption involves using a contraption called a dab rig, see below. Dab rigs arrived around the 1970’s thanks to professional glassblowing duo, Hashmaster Kut.

These days there are electric, self-heating options available for dab rigs, such as e-nails or dab pens, but we’re going to focus your attention on the more traditional model. 

  1. Mouthpiece: This is where you place your mouth. Ideally, you should create a seal and inhale slowly and evenly.
  1. Carb Cap: You place the carb cap on top of the hot nail after the concentrates have been added. You don’t need a Carb Cap. However, they prevent heat from escaping which helps direct airflow for better vaporization of your concentrates. 
  1. Nail: This is the key part to dab rigs. You heat the nail until it’s hot enough that added concentrates will reach their boiling point. Nails come in a variety of materials including quartz, titanium, and ceramic. Materials affect flavour, durability, and heating time. 
  1. Downstem: Smoke travels from the downstem into the water chamber. 
  1. Water Chamber: Helps filter the smoke and provide a smoother flavour. Some water chambers contain percolators that further cool the smoke. Remember to always use clean water.


It is critical to keep your device clean! Resin tends to form in the base and tube areas. This affects flavour and overall experience. Clean your device with coarse salt and isopropyl alcohol, then rinse it out. If appropriate, you can also place it in the dishwasher after each use.

Regular cleaning reduces disagreeable experiences and ensures optimal continued use.

You’re now ready to try out this artistic accessory for yourself and we’ve got the tools to help make that happen. Stop by and let us help you get started in the world of concentrates. Whether you need cannabis, accessories, or just have more questions, we’ve got you covered. 

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