New and Noteworthy Herbs: September 15, 2021

Tally Man cannabis by Natural History

“Only for use with herbs.” A statement found on most rolling papers and vaporization accessories.

Have you ever smoked anything besides cannabis and tobacco?

Every now and then, I do add a bit of dried chamomile or lavender if I really need to relax. Just a pinch though! It provides me with the additional benefits of the terpenes naturally found in those herbs, although I do love the Extreme Q’s diffuser function to get the terps without the inhalation. 

The terps on this week’s featured herbs are listed on the package – which is always something I love. While the Cheddar Bob grown by Craft Kings and sold by Sitka leads out with linalool (a rarity), hard-hitting Natural History’s Tally Man leads out with spicy caryophyllene and sweetens up with some farnesene as the second terpene. 

A Few Fave Herb Products

Cheddar Bob by Craft Kings sold via Sitka Microworks

I have to admit: I love creeping on Craft King’s Instagram. The videos and pictures of their grow rooms (and the herb that’s in progress therein!) are spectacular.

Unboxing the Cheddar Bob was everything I expected it to be: beautiful, big, dense nugs with light green colouration and incredible frostiness. Seriously: check the bud out when you’re in the store this week. 

And, because it’s called Cheddar Bob, it pairs best with watching 8 Mile and Mac and Trees. (I’m a sucker for vegan mac & cheese since William is lactose intolerant. Plus, it’s really easy to infuse the faux-cheese sauce since the fatty cashew nuts are excellent THC carriers.) 

Craft Kings are excited to introduce this round of FIRE into the legal market. Cheddar Bob is a perfect daytime hybrid cross of Kings Kush and Sour Diesel. Grown in coco and with only the best nutrients, Craft Kings are duplicating everything they did in the legacy market. Fourteen day flush, fourteen day hang time, five day sweat until it has the perfect snap, and then hand trim. The flowers from this cultivar are bright green, and are covered in a thick layer of trichomes with burnt-orange pistils laying on top. These tight and dense buds have a tangy, peppery and gassy nose. Once broken up, the smell noticeably fills the room. This flavour carries through in the smoke, hits smooth and burns to a white ash. Cheddar Bob is a great way to get motivated and inspired.

Key Points:
– grown by Craft Kings a BC micro producer with 20 years legacy experience who have a passion for growing
– small batch limited edition crops with personal care and attention to every single plant
– grown with exact same technique as it was in the legacy market

Check out the Craft Kings Website for more information!

About Cheddar Bob:

  • Indica dominant (Maybe? The grower’s website lists it as a sativa dominant hybrid. I’m asking them and will post and update)
  • Lineage: Kings Kush x Sour Diesel
  • Cannabinoids: THC dominant
  • Min THC: 22%
  • Max THC: 28%
  • Max CBD: 0.1%
  • Total Terpene content: 2.2%
  • Terpene Profile: Linalool, caryophyllene, myrcene, limonene
  • Container: Mylar zip sealed bag
  • Humidity Pack: None

Limited edition, incredibly sexy Tally Man (don’t judge: I’m married to a finance guy) is in this week. Like anything grown by Natural History, you can be sure this will be a winner whether you roll it up or smoke it in a piece. 

It’s a hard-hitting tropical explosion of flavours, with beautiful coloration and a heady experience. Best enjoyed in Puerto Backyarda on a sunny afternoon, or next to a fire pit. Put some pineapple on a stick and lightly char it over the live flame for a tasty treat.

The obvious song to play along to a puff: Harry Belafonte’s Banana Boat (Day-O).

The trim is gorgeous and it is caked with trichomes. Fluffy and sticky, the nugs are mid-sized and well trimmed. Can’t wait to roll with this lady and see where she takes me.

When your genetics are this hyped, you have a lot to live up to. Tally Man, by Oni Seed Co., is a cross between Banana Dosi-do and Oni’s flagship, Papaya. And trust us, it meets the hype. Our cut of this cultivar drops the intense aromas of banana and coconut, then hits you with a hint of suntan lotion. The light green buds with lilac-coloured accents offers great bag appeal, but it’s the high-THC content stemming from the Dosi-do lineage that makes this cultivar truly special. There’s no doubt, Tally Man will leave you wanting more.

About Tally Man:

  • Indica dominant
  • Cannabinoids: THC dominant
  • Min THC: 24%
  • Max THC: 29%
  • Max CBD: 0.05%
  • Total Terpene content: 2.8%
  • Terpene Profile: Caryophyllene, Farnesene, Limonene
  • Container: Mylar zip seal bag
  • Humidity Pack: Integra

Also new this week

  • LA Kush Cake is back and now available in 14g bags: Edmonton’s Natural History’s flagship cultivar is coming in with incredible cannabinoids and a total terpene content of 3.1% – you can’t pass this up. When consuming, keep awareness around your facial muscles for some light tingling! LA Kush Cake by Natural History tends to bust up a beautiful purple hue.
  • We finally got some bath bombs in! Wild Rose & Vanilla – Duet Bath Bombs by nuance are in this week: each package contains 4 bath bombs that you can pair or use individually.
    Did you know? Cannabis that is used topically (in a bath, or with creams) doesn’t enter the bloodstream.
  • Stuffed French Toast prerolls by Qwest in their newest glass doob tubes! 
  • We had to bring in the Legacy Hashish by Mood Ring after my father-in-law tried some. Fun fact: he’s been a hash consumer since before I ever rolled my first joint, and is the person we ask whenever we need insight into this classic concentrate. When he consumes this, sets time aside for it to better enjoy the ride. Relaxing, euphoric and oh-so-tasty, this is legacy hash at its finest. 

New and Noteworthy Cannabis Products: September 8th, 2021

The best part about long weekends is that people who come and visit us on holidays like Labour Day are pretty relaxed and chill. We’re able to take a bit more time to chat, and customers feel more at ease to ask questions. I then get to geek out on my favourite topic: cannabis products. We also got to deep dive into a couple of terpene profiles with some regulars, which helped them get a better experience – and gave me insight as to what products they might like.

It’s super easy to shop by indica and sativa. Further, we curate our menu such that if a product reads as indica, you can expect that it’ll be couch friendly, whereas the sativa products we carry are generally good for daytime use. Want to enjoy your experience across the cannabis spectrum? Keep track of what you consume! Then, we can help match up which terpenes seem to feature the most in your rotation.

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New and Noteworthy Reefer: August 25, 2021

Pre-rolls now come in so many formats. Unfortunately, the supply of pre-rolled reefers at a price range everyone loves is getting a bit slim. You’ve probably noticed that your favourite dispensaries don’t have too many Redecan Reddees on hand. There are a few Shred J’s (including their latest new arrival, Funk Master J’s). Even the Namasté 3-packs are few and far between! 

Plus, when we take into consideration the cost of whole flower eighths… let’s just say that it makes a lot of sense to roll your own. But if you’re like me, and you like your reefers slim and straight, trust me when I say: rolling machines make all the difference.

I can roll. Don’t get me wrong. But it’s nice to just sit for a bit, roll out my doobies for the week and have them ready to go. Plus, then I can pick what I want to roll up. Including a bit of CBD flower to help round out my session. If you’re really skilled at rolling, why not try your hand at a few more exotic shapes?

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New and Noteworthy Weed: August 11th 2021

A Few Fave Weed Cannabis Products

Freshly Baked #76 by Ogen

We finally found a week where we had enough of these in stock to be able to showcase them! When we get Ogen’s Freshly Baked #76, most of one case goes on our employees’ reserved shelves. 

This week, we’re getting two cases in, so there should be some left!

Such pretty Freshly Baked #76 Nugs

Sensorial, mood uplifting and overall a good time. I really enjoyed it. Could feel my muscles relaxing but it was not a couch lock strain at all. Gave some real energy.

Smell wise it was decent, but not overwhelmingly fragrant. Citrusy Floral? Hard to describe.

Felt real burnout post taste test.

Overall a product I look forward to trying again!

William’s review

Since this review, this weed has become a staple in our house for lazy weekend days – or at least, for days we hope will be lazy. 

Hot out of the OGEN oven, Freshly Baked #76 finds its roots in the cake family. This bud’s aroma is a complex mix of gas, warm creamy sweetness, and finishes with hints of spice. With dense nugs that are covered in trichomes, this cultivar really takes the cake!

Ogen Website

No. 427 Retrograde by Haven St.

Best suited for evenings, No. 427 Retrograde is Haven St.’s take on Kush Cookies. While I know that bag-appeal wise, the nugs are small, the effects are out of this world.

The smell is dank with a touch of sweetness and citrus – and I don’t mean when you bust it up. This weed is aromatic the moment you open the jar.

While the outside is a bit on the “crispy” side, the nugs themselves have good springiness and density, with good frosting coverage. There was no humidity pack in the container.

Retrograde by Haven St. Weighed in at 3.51g

You can expect to be smiling as you head off to bed.

When planets collide. When Garlic Cookies meets OZ Kush. A legend like no other is born. Potent, pungent, sharp. With light green buds coated in glistening trichomes. It’s out of this world. 

Haven St. Website

Dank Rainbow by Boaz

A cross between Death Bubba and Rainbow Punch, Dank Rainbow by Calgary’s Boaz is an earthy, gassy and slightly sweet cultivar. Coloration on the nugs is beautiful: bright green with orange pistils, and frosty trichome coverage throughout. 

The product is best used in a dry flower vape, where the touch of dryness won’t affect flavour. If you’ll be rolling or bowling this pretty lady, make sure you add some humidity back in. Sterile humidity packs work best for this, since fruit peels can add moisture and other contaminants to your weed.

Dank Rainbow is a BOAZ in house genetic, an indica dominant strain of Death Bubba x Rainbow Punch. Dank Rainbow’s buds are covered with frosty crystals, orange hairs with dark green and ultra violet undertones. The smell of Death bubba sour aroma is balanced with the sweetness of the Rainbow punch. Spicy, sour and of course DANK!

New and Noteworthy Ganja: August 4th 2021

Wedding Pie: Wedding Cake X Grape Pie

Ganja is the preferred term for cannabis in Jamaica. I figured that since this weekend is probably going to be on the rainier side, I’d try to find a way to add some sunshine to your week.

Palm Gardens is also helping my endeavour: in collaboration with celebrated Calgary chocolatier Bernard Callebaut, a new series of fair trade chocolates have arrived in Alberta: Strawberry White Chocolate, Hazelnut Praline and 46% Milk Chocolate.

We lucked out on our picks this week – the cannabinoids hit beautiful ranges, and the high terpene percentages on these products is obvious: as soon as we opened the Amnesia x Super Haze, Wedding Pie and Krypto Chronic #2, our sense of smell was enchanted!

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New and Noteworthy Eighths: July 28th 2021

Cherry Burst by Highland Grow

Cannabis culture is more than just the greens. It’s how the weed tastes, how the buds look and, ultimately, how the eighths make us feel. Regulated cannabis in Canada has come a ways towards providing us with great products at a variety of prices.

This week, we’re taking a look at Cherry Burst from Highland Grow, Pink Kush by Pure Sunfarms and Pine Kush by Back Forty.

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New and Noteworthy Pot Products: July 21st 2021

I don’t usually feature only new flower, but when 3 beautiful Ladies hailing from Alberta craft grower’s arrive in one day – with cultivars like Powdered Donut, 72 Volt and Macslurry – I can’t help but showcasing new pot products to hit our shelves today.

To give you an idea of how excited we are about this week: as Dave was receiving product, 5 boxes in he exclaimed how he already had 3 new products on his reserved shelf.

This is going to be a good week.

Powdered Donut by 314 Pure

Limited edition. Small Batch. 314 Pure wants to bring some sweet products to the market, and their Powdered Donut is certainly quite the temptation! 

Grown by the team that gave us Poolboy’s Bruce, King T, Chem Dawg and Super Lemon Haze (and a huge inspiration for Mimi’s latest Miniature), Powdered Donut is an indica heavy hitter, meant for experienced tokers to relax. Like, a lot.

Dedicated to delivering cannabis strains created for the refined palette and the discerning smoker, 314 Pure Premium introduces Powdered Donut. Powdered Donut is an indica dominant hybrid made by crossing Orange Cookies and Jet Fuel Gelato. With a sweet citrus aroma, this light, minty green coloured, dense flower is a unique and potent blend, with a very high THC percentage. As its namesake suggests, this strain is one tasty smoke, with powdery white crystals, orange pistils, and a sweet and spicy aroma.

Powdered Donut Product Description

72 Volt by RGB

Astounded by seeing messages both late at night and early in the morning from one of my friends, I asked how they had all that energy, and whether they slept or not.

“Who needs sleep when you have Sativa?”

What she probably meant is “Who needs sleep when you have 72 Volt?”

You see, RGB curates the lineages for their line based on effects. (I’ll be releasing an amazing interview with their CEO, Josh Wong, shortly and you all will be able to get all the deets.) Their Red series presents their high energy, day-time pot products. But RGB’s ethos is about growing ganja they want to consume. So these buds are large, they’re frosty, and they ash beautifully white. RGB is at their best when their products are used in a glass piece.

72 Volt is a hard hitting sativa, with mild haze effects. In addition to a THC level upwards of 19%, it includes a high terpene concentration and high levels of CBG, Cannabigerol – also known as the “mother” cannabinoid molecule. To be honest, while she’s best enjoyed in a bong, I set a few minutes aside every week to roll a few of these ladies. They’ve become a key part of my morning routine. It’s like meal prep, but for a pot product.

If you’ve been looking for exercise weed, motivational cannabis or a high energy, gotta-get-stuff-done product, 72 Volt is exactly what you’re looking for. So turn the music on, put your earphones in and dance to your own tune. 

Our Red 72 Volt is a Sativa-dominant strain characterized by it’s twinned neon-green and orange hairs. It’s dense, frosty, and charged with THC and CBG. Funky and spice-forward, mango dominates a layered bouquet of taste and smells that will help lift you into space. Remember, no matter where you are, life’s a dance-floor. Get electric, baby!

RGB Website

Mimi Mentions: I’ve been excited about bringing in 72 Volt since I heard about it. It’s high CBG (Cannabigerol) content is a testament to careful grow and cure practices. CBG is an elusive cannabinoid, the “mother” cannabinoid to THC and CBD, is very hard to maintain without exacting operating procedures in place.

Macslurry by BZAM

If you love that sweet citrus vanilla smell (think Orange creamsicle or Five Alive) – that’s Macslurry.

But that’s just your first impression. Macslurry follows up with diesel-like dankness. Combined, the effects are a mixture of head haziness and a deep sense of comfort. Dense, frosty and beautifully proportioned, this lady is incredibly photogenic. It’d be a shame to see her go up in flames if she weren’t so totally worth it. 

The BZAM team has been known to arrive at dispensaries to buy all the available pot product – you’ll want to grab yours quick!

(I haven’t confirmed yet, but I have to imagine that this baby is a cross between Miracle Alien Cookie and Slurricane. Which explains a LOT.)

Also New this week

Here are a few extra new pot product arrivals that we’re pretty stoked about!

Blue Skitz Distillate Vape Cartridge by RAD

Did you know? Daikoku is on reddit! My favourite thing to do is check out if people have questions about the regulated market, or if they mention products that are hard to find and that they’ve loved.

The Blue Skitz Distillate Vape Cart is one such product. It’s a 1g cart, so make sure you follow best vape practices to be able to enjoy it ‘til the last drop:

  1. Keep your cart upright at all times (yes, even when it’s not in use)
  2. When consuming, limit each inhalation to 3 seconds; heating the coils for too long can give a burnt taste to your distillate
  3. If you have temperature control, keep it as low as possible (you could be surprised with the effects of a vape at 2.5 volts – and I guarantee the flavour will be better at lower temps than if you keep your device at 4 volts)
  4. Keep the cart stored in a dark place at room temperature.
  5. Do your best to keep the rubber mouth cap to prevent crusting of any reclaim in the mouthpiece and prevent lint from getting in it.