Top Pot Tips: Make friends with (cannabis) salad

As it turns out, the Simpsons were wrong. You can, in fact, make friends with salad.

Reminder: During a pandemic, please do not puff, puff pass. Rather, practice puff, puff… puff puff puff. If you’re used to sharing your stash, pack smaller bowls and roll smaller joints.

Start low – go slow.

What is a salad?

It’s a bunch of greens thrown together. 😏 

Have you looked up “Cannabis Salad” online? Most of your results will be about adding cannabis or hemp to your actual, food-based salads. 

Best bet for effect: Mix cannabis, either decarbed flower, oils or distillate powder, with your oil-based salad dressing since most cannabinoids are fat soluble.)

Do not eat straight decarbed flower. Don’t ask us how we know not to. Just trust us and don’t do it.

In the context of this blog post, a salad is a bowl or joint that has two or more cannabis products mixed in.

Why is mixing cultivars a good idea?

There are a few reasons to mix strains. It expands your strain horizons, it keeps your expenses down and it elevates the potential effects.

Expand your horizons

We have hundreds of cannabis products in store. Alberta has one of the country’s largest Licensed Producer roster, with 55 producers to choose from, not including subsidiary brands. It can be hard to figure out what ‘your strain’ is.

One way to do so is by finding a value-based, bulk option you like. Products from Daily Special, Pure Sunfarms, Namasté, Redecan or ReUp are priced just right. You can then pair it with products that can be purchased in 1 gram options. Another option would be to empty out 0.5 gram joints. This can help you find a brand you’ll love, discover a new cultivar, or reinforce the fact that you really don’t like caryophyllene… without wasting a whole eighth. 

Keep expenses down

In conjunction with discovering new strains, using a ‘base layer’ that you know and love can help keep your costs low. By pairing a bulk option with a smaller portion of high-end cannabis, you can keep costs manageable while enjoying a greater variation of feelings, flavours and effects.

Flavour fatigue: By adding a sprinkling of product to your bulk bowl, you’ll also avoid getting sick and tired of that big bag of weed you purchased. It keeps the flavour fresher for longer – and I’m not just talking about adding in an Integra Boost pack.

Elevated Entourage Effects

Most dried flower cannabis products will have under less than 4% terpene presence. Craft growers, who forego irradiation in favour of longer-cure periods, will reach those high percentages. On the other hand, mainstream growers that choose to irradiate will only reach 1%-2% terpene range.

As a result, pairing a non-irradiated cannabis with an irradiated cannabis will result in more terpenes being present in your bowl. Which in turn will enhance the entourage effect.

The downside?

Mixing your cannabis means that you don’t have a precise idea of how you liked a specific strain. It also skews how the master grower intended you to consume the product – a bit like saying you prefer the cover of a song to it’s original. It may have the same foundation, but it’s not the same song anymore.

Tips for Salad Making

  • Mix a low-THC, high-CBD strain to a base layer to add some CBD to your cannabis consumption rotation;
  • If you’re habitually an indica or a sativa consumer, try mixing in a hybrid;
  • Look at the terpene profiles of products to find 2 products with 2 distinct terpene profiles;
  • Empty out that container that only has a bit of weed left in it – you’re not dankrupt ’til you’re completely out!

Now the real question: How’s gonna roll it? 😅

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