How to Find an Outdoor Smoke Spot

The fresh air and the great outdoors. Combined with your method of choice for ingesting cannabis and you’ve found a Smoke Spot. But before you light up (or vape), there are few things to look out for.

Are you in a park or on a trail?

Edmonton’s ribbon of green provides you with plenty of locations where you can take a deep breath. However, before you start, make sure the park doesn’t contain any of the following:

  • A playground
  • A sports field
  • A skate park or bicycle park
  • An outdoor theatre
  • An outdoor pool or water spray park
  • A seasonal skating rink
  • An off-leash area

Are you in a public location?

Obviously, any area that is designated as a no smoking area for cannabis is off limits. Further, the following locations do not allow smoking or vaping :

  • Hospital property
  • School property
  • Child care facility property
  • City-owned golf courses
  • Cemetery
  • Ski hills
  • Bus terminals
  • Light rail transit (LRT) platforms
  • Bus shelters
  • Sir Winston Churchill Square
  • Fort Edmonton Park
  • The John Janzen Nature Centre
  • The Edmonton Valley Zoo
  • The Muttart Conservatory
  • William Hawrelak Park

Are you keeping your distance?

  • You need to be 10 meters away from doors, windows and air intakes of any building or patio (yes, this includes your own home or patio)
  • You cannot consume cannabis while riding a bus, the LRT or a vehicle
  • Unless you are certain the property owner’s don’t mind, it’s often safest to err on the side of caution and avoid consuming cannabis on private property, including outdoor concert venues and festivals

What to do when you find an awesome smoke spot?

  • Leave no trace: dispose of your waste (ash, filters, papers) properly and clean up after yourself (If  you leave the area cleaner than when you found it, you’re bound to get good karma!)
  • Stub it right: only you can prevent fires! Make sure your joint and ash are properly extinguished before throwing anything away in the garbage
  • Be respectful: share the space and be aware of those around you
  • Bonus points! Take a picture of your favourite smoke spot and share it with us on Instagram

The information contained herein is for informational purposes only and should not be construed as legal advice on any subject matter or as encouragement to consume cannabis. For more information about cannabis consumption rules for the city of Edmonton, please visit:

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