Business as usual. Well, except for…

As Alberta moves on to open fully on July 1st, and the city having voted against continuing the mandatory mask mandate, we have made changes to our in-store mask policy.

Amid all the chaos, we wanted to let you know what’s going on at daikoku, and to reassure you that business, for the most part, remains as usual. And that we have a healthy inventory of dried bud, vapes, edibles, oils and caps. And with the Summer Specials going on, it’s a great time to Re-Up.

Daikoku will remain open from 10 AM to 9:30 PM daily – yup, even on Statutory Holidays, like July 1st.

However, as of July 1st, between 10 AM and 11 AM, all people entering the premises must wear a mask.

At all other times, masks will be encouraged.

Daikoku has implemented a mandatory vaccination policy for its employees. We will continue to wear our masks in order to protect our customers until we have cleared the 2 week wait period. We will also be wearing masks between 10 AM and 11AM, regardless of the vaccination status. (So if you’ve been anxious about going out and seeing people’s faces, just come visit us early and we can all talk about lovely masks.)

We’re implementing the Masked Hour because some of our guests – who have become friends – have situations that prevent them from getting vaccinated. Other people simply feel more comfortable wearing masks these days. We get it. And if weed is about feeling the way we want to feel, then you should have a safe shopping experience too.

Regardless of the mask mandate, it goes without saying that we sanitize regularly. We’re also very lucky in the fact that the store is very large. In an effort to keep everyone healthy, we will ask you to utilize all that room: let’s spread out and keep at least one meter away from everyone.

Thanks for all your help. Stay safe. Stay healthy.

Keep it fun,


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