On May 24th 2018, we signed our lease on the premises that would become Daikoku.

Today, almost a full year later, we’ve officially (re-)opened – we’d been selling accessories since January 2nd – and have started selling cannabis. It’s a lot of emotions to process, but the one that I feel the most is gratitude.

I’m grateful to the amazing team of designers from Studio Design Labrie who took an embryo of an idea and turned it into a concept that never ceases to astound me.

I’m grateful to the contractors at Framework Construction who took that concept and turned it into a boutique that takes my breath away every time I see it.

I’m grateful to our Canadian software providers: our email list, cannabis concierge and point of sale system who keep customer information secure and private. Your privacy matters to us, so on that note: If you want to pay cash, here’s a map of the ATM’s near us. Your best bet is the South Edmonton Common, where you’ll likely be able to find your bank.

I’m grateful (despite the wait!) to the AGLC and the various systems they’ve put in place that allow independent stores like ours to operate in a level playing field with bigger chains. The fact that we buy cannabis from a centralized location means that we can price our wares competitively without worrying about negotiating costs and delivery terms.

I’m grateful to the city of Edmonton, specifically their cannabis taskforce, for their support, for creating clear regulations, and for having some of the most lenient by laws for public consumption which means that I feel comfortable lighting up when I’m out and about. And for the public transit system.

I’m grateful to media channels who featured Daikoku: they made me feel like a celebrity, but most importantly, like a friend. We couldn’t have asked for better champions. Merci!

I’m grateful to Freepik from, the creator of many of the icons and images on our website, including the one featured on this post.

I’m grateful to everyone who cheered us on, mentored us and guided us, whether in Edmonton or in Montreal. Sorry about bragging about the Alberta weather when yours wasn’t as nice.

And most importantly, to every single person who came in before we had cannabis, who showed us love, and support, and understanding: Thank you. I can’t tell you how much it has meant to me.

So pop in. Say hi. We have lovely budtenders now: Elisha, Dave and Skyler, in addition to William and myself, who will be more than happy to answer any cannabis questions you may have… so long as it’s within the AGLC’s regulations.

Keep it fun,


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