4-20 Calendar: April 6th – Sunset Pre-rolls

Imagine: Hot sand under your feet. A warm day, coming to a close. And the best part? The sunset.

And maybe you didn’t imagine the sunset as a joint, but I did!

06/04/20: Sunset by Leafs by Snoop | High THC Indica.

Remember: You should still be enjoying 30 minutes of fresh air daily – while keeping 2m distance between people. These pre-rolls are ready to go when you are. And who knows? Maybe the smoke will be a good way to keep people away. Beware: you might summon other cannaficionados.

These pre-rolls are machine rolled, so massage them a bit to improve the airflow.

5 x half-gram pre-rolls, with a cubby to save your roach!

About Sunset

We made 5 pre-rolls using Sunset by LBS, a frosty, indica-dominant strain. Each pre-roll contains 0.5 g of cannabis and was rolled using freshly milled bud and high quality paper. This strain was selected for its wide range of terpenes that might leave you thinking you are sniffing a jar of spicy peppers or cloves

(Please note that “We” is the licensed producer, LBS. )

About LBS

In Canada, we can’t call this brand by the same name it’s found in the United States (because of anti-celebrity endorsement laws), but we can tell you that this is a more upscale brand, bred by experts at Canopy but chosen by a nose as keen’s as a dog’s *cough*. No shizzle.

Oh, and by the way? It’s not pronounced “pounds” – it’s pronounced “L-B-S”, even though the tagline is “Worth its weight in gold.”

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