4-20 Calendar: April 5th – Sensi Star

Sensi Star – do you pronounce “sen-see” or “sen-sei”? Either way, this evening cultivar pops up in the roster of several licensed producers.

Admittedly, it’s not surprising: Sensi Star has a high THC potential and relatively rapid growth. It is best suited for outdoor cultivation. The cultivar was first bred in Amsterdam in the mid-nineties by Paradise Seeds. Since then, it has won a plethora of awards.

05/04/20: Sensi Star by Canaca Select | High THC Indica.

Don’t judge your weed by its THC. For example, even with lower THC potential than other cultivars, this evening bud is likely to keep you glued to the couch rather than have you hankering to go out (which is kind of a good thing these days). Word to the wise: it might be a good idea to keep a handful of baby carrots nearby to munch on mindlessly.

About Sensi Star

Usually, I use the licensed producer’s description of the product. However, this time the description is used to give more information about what Canaca Select is, not the actual cultivar (see below).

As a result, you get MY description of the cultivar this time around.

First of all, this strain is a creeper. Secondly, the piney, earthy (some even say diesel-like) and citrusy aromas are very mild. Use a dry flower vape to get the most of the flavours. Lastly, the trichome coverage is decent, and the trim is acceptable.

Available in 3.5g

About Canaca Select

“We know variety is the spice of life, and enthusiasts crave selection. Canaca is pleased to offer Canaca Select: a limited range of cultivars picked for this year. Heavy indicas, bright sativas or the best of both in a hybrid; our selection is sure to satisfy the canna-curious.”

Every single Canaca Select product description…

A few factoids:

  • Canaca Select is a brand by Canaca; Canaca is the non-medical brand for Licensed Producer Tilray;
  • The brand is used for both small batch grows as well as for bud cultivated by independent growers for Canaca;
  • Products packed after January 2020 include a humidity pack; as a result, there’s a bit of bounce to your bud;
  • Canaca Products tend to be value-oriented, as opposed to their Grail or Marley brands, which are more upper scale.

4-20 at Daikoku

Specials will be going on throughout the month to celebrate April 2020:

  • 20% off all non-liquidation accessories
  • A new sale on a cultivar every day that runs for the remainder of the month or until stock is out.

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