Caviar: A Lady-Stoner’s Best Friend

Caviar by Premium 5 is a Live Resin Concentrate

Live Resin Caviar by Premium5 has landed. Many people have asked about concentrates – shatter being the most requested. Today, we’re excited to announce that we’ve finally received our first shipment of high-potency, Live Resin by Premium5. The Live Resin is available in badder (looks like crunchy peanut butter) and caviar.

The first time you’ll look at Live Resin Caviar, you’ll notice 3 things:

Live Resin Caviar, by Premium5

One gram of Caviar doesn’t look like a whole lot

Live Resin is unique because cannabis flower was either processed fresh or frozen. The flower is then cooled down to cryogenic levels. This preserves as many of the cannabinoids as possible. That being said, it can take upwards of 20g of flower to make 1g of live resin.
(Read: this product is better suited for experienced consumers, not someone starting their cannabis journey.)

There’s a gold-tinted liquid in the Caviar

Because the flowers are fresh or frozen, more terpenes are preserved in the process. In fact, the terpene content of Premium 5’s Caviar accounts for 10% of the product in your jar. Terpenes would be the main components of the oily liquid at the bottom of the glass jar.

There are larger spheres

These larger spheres are also referred to as ‘diamonds’ – ergo, the joke about being a girl’s best friend – and are pretty much pure THC.

Consuming Caviar and Badder

These types of concentrates are best consumed when using a concentrate vaporizer or a dab rig. You’ll want an e-nail (quartz, borosilicate glass or metal) to manipulate the concentrate with.

Final Note

Premium5 confirmed that the cultivar used for their first batches of single-strain Live Resin products was Glueberry OG. The terpene profile features myrcene leading out, followed by pinene, caryophyllene and limonene.