Aurora – San Rafael ’71 – Alta Vie Brand Presentation

Jazz will be coming to Daikoku on Thursday, July 11 from 4 PM to 5 PM to present Aurora, San Rafael ’71 and Alta Vie brands! In addition to talking about what makes these brands so special, she’ll also be bringing some free swag, so sign up to the event to make sure there’ll be some for you.

Fundamentals of Cannabis

Alexis from Tweed will be presenting the “Fundamentals of Cannabis” where she’ll be reviewing cannabis basics as well as some Alberta and Edmonton-centric information, so it’ll be as interesting for those new to cannabis as it will be for long term aficionados. They will be bringing gifts to attendees.

Methods of Consumption

Mimi from Daikoku will be going over various methods of cannabis consumption: depending on how you choose to consume, inhaling or eating it, cannabis will affect you differently. Learn about materials to look for, how to keep your paraphernalia clean and the difference between the different methods.

Quality, Potency and Price: A Primer to Pick your Pot

A customer had a bad experience at Daikoku today. I’m still reeling from the interaction myself. It was due mostly to the fact we were talking two different languages: they equate potency to quality, whereas I see them as two distinct elements.

In light of this conversation, I thought I would go over the various comments I hear and read about the legal cannabis market in Canada:

“It’s way too dry.”

“The quality is terrible.”

“It’s too expensive.”

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