What to watch: Super Mario Brothers (1993)

Pokemon: Detective Pikachu will be coming out in May 2019. To get into the mood of “Video game movie adaptations that should never have seen the light of day*,” this week’s movie recommendation is the quintessential Super Mario Bros.

(No news yet on the new Super Mario Bros. movie that Nintendo announced in February of last year, in partnership with Illumination.)


Set in dark and dreary Dinohattan, our favourite plumber brothers set out to save a kingdom. There is little jumping, oddly shaped Goombas and… wait, is that YOSHI?!

For Extra Fun

If you like the idea of a dystopian Mario Brothers world, check out “There will be brawl” – a YouTube based mini-series by Machinima.


* May 2019: I would like to apologize: Detective Pikachu does not fit in the category of “Video game movie adaptations that should never have seen the light of day.” It delivers on its promise and does a great job of recreating the Pokéverse.

It’s hard to recommend a good movie. But everyone can laugh at a terrible movie. Which is why “The best worst movies” series focuses on movies that have become iconic for all the wrong reasons. In collaboration with Drunken Cinema and movie-expert Alyssia, we’ll be presenting movies to keep you entertained. Of sorts.

Do It Yourself: Body Butter

Do it yourself : Body Butters

Making my own body butter (the kind you use instead of cream, not the kind you use to cook) was a foray into the unknown. It was scary. Terrifying, even.

Then I made my first batch.

And it was worth the effort.

You’re probably not going to be saving money making the creams yourself instead of buying them. The butter will also feel oily, especially if you compare it with lotions which contain quite a bit of water (while you can make homemade lotions, adding water makes them more prone to bacteria we won’t be exploring that here).

But the best part about making your own body butters and creams is that you choose what goes on your skin – and what doesn’t.

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How to track Cannabis Consumption

How to track your cannabis consumption

When I was following a calorie-restricted diet, the best and easiest way to stay on target (and within caloric-budget) was to track and write down everything I ate. It worked even better if I added environmental information, like where I was, how I felt and who I was with. Mind you, this year, I’m jumping on the whole no-diet bandwagon, but that’s a topic for another blog post.

Intuitive eating aside, writing what I ate taught me an important lesson.

The act of monitoring and observation helped me stay true to myself and realize what I was really doing.

This is why tracking cannabis consumption is a great tool to prevent over-indulging in the long term – and increasing your tolerance.

What you should track

Here are a few items you can track. Most recommendations are by the Americans For Safe Access but we’ve made additional suggestions given the legal state of cannabis in Canada and the information we have on hand when making a purchase.

Basic information

  • Date and Time
  • Amount: use a consistent method
  • Method of consumption

Strain information

  • Strain name
  • Breed (if you have it) and Licensed Producer
  • Type (Indica, Sativa, Hybrid)
  • % of THC
  • % of CBD
  • Terpenes

What happened

  • Effects
  • Timing: how long did the effects take to kick in? How long did they last?
  • What prompted your cannabis use?

Environmental factors

  • How did you feel (mindset)?
  • Where were you (location)?
  • Who were you with?
  • What were you doing?

Where to track

Personally, I don’t track everything about my cannabis consumption. I do track frequency and time of day. Since I’m fairly minimalist with what I track, I keep my log in my bullet journal – I use my journal to plan my day, so I just draw a little icon for every “x” amount I consume.

I track everything in my BuJo - it's like a second brain.

That being said, we did prepare an online spreadsheet you can use that contains all the points listed above: either download the file to your computer or make a copy to save onto your Google Drive. Then, make the spreadsheet yours! Delete the columns that don’t work for you, or add new ones.

Journaling is personal. What’s important isn’t the system you use: it’s to make sure that you use it consistently. If you notice a trend in increased consumption, you should consider lowering your tolerance by taking a break, changing the strains you consume or alternating your method of consumption.

What about you?

Do you track your cannabis consumption? Has that helped, hindered or have you seen no effect? Let us know by commenting below or on our Facebook page.

Icons for this blog post were made by itim2101 from www.flaticon.com and are licensed by CC 3.0 BY.

What to watch: Halloween 2018

While we didn’t open on October 17th, it does seem quite fitting to have the first movie on our roster be… Halloween 2018.

The movie will be coming out on DVD and Blu-ray on January 15, so if you didn’t get a chance to catch it in theatres, here’s a drinking game that our friends over at Druken Cinema came up with. Feel free to switch out alcohol for plain ‘ole water though: it’s still hilarious to hear how often the word “Grandmother” pops up.


Jaime Lee Curtis reprises her role as Laurie Strode as she confronts her nemesis Michael Myers. Set four decades after his killing spree on Halloween, the movie was criticized by moviegoers as inconsistent, overrated and overhyped. Enjoy!

For Extra Fun

If you’re not digging Halloween 2018, you can always check out H20: 20 Years Later.


It’s hard to recommend a good movie. But everyone can laugh at a terrible movie. Which is why “The best worst movies” series focuses on movies that have become iconic for all the wrong reasons. In collaboration with Drunken Cinema and movie-expert Alyssia, we’ll be presenting movies to keep you entertained. Of sorts.


Cannabis Boutique

Daikoku stands out from other cannabis retailers in a very obvious way: the store name makes no reference, implied or oblique, to cannabis.

Instead, it’s a foreign word. Oftentimes, when people get it right, there’s laughter and even a mini celebration (it’s pronounced: da•i•ko•ku – we’ll teach you when you come to the store).

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Artist feature: Rustic Smoke

Borne from Jaime’s company “Rustic Country Designs JS,” couple Jaime and Ryan Sandmaier have created high-quality rolling trays and ashtrays with their company “Rustic Smoke” (which is a part of Rustic Designs JS!). Here’s a quick introduction to two amazing artisans:

Where are you located?

Sturgeon County/ Edmonton area. 

What cannabis accessories do you make?

Premium hardwood trays and ashtrays. We work primarily with walnut and maple.  The difference in colours that are exposed with each of those hardwoods, and the quality of the species themselves, made it an easy choice for us to create our best products. 

What other items do you create in your studio?

Barnwood inspired items, burned and aged. Everything from family name signs, wood wall art, Christmas signs, coffee tables and home décor items!  Anything from custom farmhouse style signs, to rustic kitchen tables and benches with steel legs, as well as faux beams for mantles and ceilings and shiplap to create theme walls.

What’s a funny story about your business?

When Ryan saw how well Rustic Country Designs was doing after only 4 years of business, he decided to hop on this train and create his own batch of products.  After all, no one has EVER said it was a bad idea to work with your spouse so closely… right? Luckily, we’re pretty big fans of each other, and we’ve been on the same page (mostly, let’s be honest) for the better part of 17 years.  

What’s the biggest challenge your business has had to overcome?

Our biggest challenge in growing the Rustic Smoke brand has been showing retailers and consumers the difference quality makes.  To get the true passion that is put into our products, it has to be experienced in person. We are big believers that your ritual should be unique to you, and you deserve the best.  You deserve a high-grade cannabis, and you deserve a high-grade product to enjoy it with.  That’s where we’ve got you covered.  

What’s your mantra?

Keep it simple, but significant.  When you use high-quality products, you get a high-quality experience.