daikoku is a small cannabis boutique that calls south-east Edmonton home.

We want to keep things light and fun, while we help our visitors make informed decisions about cannabis consumption.

Please remember that no minors are allowed within the establishment and we can only sell to individuals who have a valid (non-expired) proof of government-issued identification. Please have your ID ready when you come in – weed really appreciate it.

Store Hours

Monday-Sunday: 10:00 AM – 9:30 PM

What products do we sell?

You can see our menu here, and we also have handpicked accessories for first-time consumers and aficionados alike. While you can’t buy anything online, everything that’s listed should be available at the store. (Want to see the menu including THC and CBD potency? Sign up for our newsletter in-store to get access to the full menu.)

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On May 24th 2018, we signed our lease on the premises that would become Daikoku. Today, almost a full year later, we’ve officially (re-)opened – we’d been selling accessories since January 2nd – and have started selling cannabis. It’s a lot of emotions to process, but the one that I feel the most is gratitude.